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The currency in Bulgaria is the lev (plural: leva). At top hotels, organised tours, airfares and car rental prices are usually quoted in euros, however payment is possible in leva. Some budget hotels and private rooms may also quote their rates in euros however it is better to pay in leva. Normally the leva price is twice the given euro price (eg €01 = 02 lv).

Here foreigners have been charged more than the locals, since Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007. Prices have risen however travelling around the country is still very cheap in comparison with Western European countries.

Activity Cost (lv)
Camping Site 10 per person
A Budget Hotel (outside Sofia)
A Single Room 20
A Midrange Hotel
A Single Room 40
A Double Room 60
At a Cheap Café
A Simple Meal 03
A Main Course 15
Museums Free Entry
Galleries Free Entry

You can enjoy your holiday in Bulgaria in a budget of 50 lv per person per day staying at budget hotels or in private rooms, eating cheap Bulgarian food and catching public buses and 2nd-class trains. Some top-end hotels in Sofia offer discounts during August, when most tourists have gone to the coast.

Staying in midrange hotels, eating at higher-quality restaurants, travelling in 1st-class trains and buying souvenirs will cost about 80 lv per person per day.

If you want to stay in Sofia then your cost would become almost double that is 160 lv per person per day.

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