Top Places to Enjoy a Drink in Sydney

In a city with such a wide variety of bars and restaurants, it can be difficult being a newcomer and not knowing where to start. Below are some of the best places you should visit, and thankfully all of them are situated right in the centre, so you won’t even have to travel far to get to them.




If you’re looking for something a little fancy, with a little pizazz, then try Eau-de-Vie, where amazing mixologists create some fantastic flavours that can only be sampled to be believed. Of course, there’s a list of the usual favourites, but why go somewhere new if you’re not going to try anything new? Take your pick from a quirkily named Connect Four or classic Cosmopolitan.


If you’re feeling adventurous and a little on the wild-side, then take a trip to the Absinthesalon. With a Parisian feel and theme, the bar is a brilliant place to try for a different experience. You can try a range of absinthe, twenty nine varieties in fact, some from Switzerland and some from France. Don’t expect any hallucinations however; this is all legal and if anything, will only get you a little tipsy, especially as it is a maximum of three drinks per person. So you’ll be responsible and have a great time!


Carrying on the fun-time theme, try Tio’sCerveceria for great styles of tequila. You can take your pick from over seventy types of tequila, all as fun as the next. You can also choose to have your spirit mixed into cocktails or long drinks, so don’t be put off by the initial taste. The surroundings are amazing and you’ll feel incredibly relaxed in the dull glow of the bar and its unique decorations.


Love, Tilly Devine, with its dainty name and sweet array of all things grape, is the perfect place for wine lovers to visit. Read the hefty menu by candlelight and choose from Chenin Blanc to Riesling. You can sample some of the more local wines or go international, depending on your tastes. Whatever you choose though is sure to satisfy and you might even want to take a case home with you.

Another brilliant bar for wine is 121 BC. Once again, with soft lighting and candles, the bar is perfect for romantic couples. This place is great for those looking for an Italian wine selection, a little out of the way from Sydney, granted, but still a brilliant place to enjoy some delicious food and a wonderful wine selection.


If all of the above are just a bit too sophisticated and high-brow for you, then take a trip to The Local Taphouse. This amazing bar is set up like an old-school tavern, with a wide array of beers to choose from. You can try local Australian or spread your wings a little and go for something a bit more exotic. Whatever you choose though, you certainly won’t be disappointed and you might find you’re a bit too overwhelmed by choice.

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