Top 10 Beach Camping Sites in UK

Beach has always been a top attraction because of its generous offer of fresh air, cool waves and soft sand. This is a reason that camping on beach is loved by tourists because they can enjoy swimming, strolling and surfing as much as they like.

Spending a day on the beach and then strolling back to camp, watching the sun set over the sea in the evening, and throwing open the tent flaps the next morning to an oceanic view will make your trip a magical one indeed. Though there are many other camping sites like rivers and lakes, woodlands and valleys but camping on beach is always a most wonderful experience.

Although the beach camping sites in Britain are not as attractive as in Bahamas or Maldives, yet Britain has secured few spots on its coastline that will make you overlook all other beaches on your wish list.
Our team has thoroughly searched to recommend these following top 10 attractive beach camping sites in UK.

1. Cae Du Wales

Spread in 30 acres at the brink of Beddgelert in Snowdonia, North Wales, Cae Du is a delightful camping site. It offers a magnificent sea view and a peaceful location.

This is a perfect location to explore the mountains of Snowdonia, the coastline and charms of North Wales for those looking for tranquillity along with camping break; parties are not allowed at this camping site.

Cae Du Wales

2.Three cliffs Bay Wales

Three Cliffs Bay is undeniably one of the best beaches located on the south coast of the Gower Peninsula having an almost round sandy beach surrounded by exceptional rock formations. It’s a typical silhouette which is regarded as the best view in Wales and one of the attractive camping sites.
BBC Holidays at Home programme confirmed Three Cliffs Bay to be Britain’s best beach and the view at Three Cliffs Bay as Britain’s Best View.

Three cliffs Bay Wale

3. Troytown Farm Isles of Scilly

It is a little island of St Agnes that makes one of wonderful beach camping sites of UK. However, reaching at this site is itself an adventure. St Agnes is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Scilly archipelago that is spread on only one mile diameter. It is really a gorgeous rocky place that has not changed its features since Celtic times. In addition, the flower farming by the inhabitants of this area has made it more attractive and this is a reason that in winter this island just looks like a paradise. Troytown Farm is considered as one of the top camping sites for all adventurous tourists who reach here.

Troytown Farm. Isles of Scilly

4. Tregedna farm Cornwall

Tregedna Farm is surrounded by massive countryside and its attraction has increased many times because of the neighbouring beach, Maenporth. It is the most spectacular beach on Cornwall’s south coast and thus makes Tregedna Farm the best place for beach camping.

Tregedna farm Cornwall

5. Eweleaze farm Dorset

Eweleaze Farm is an organic farm located on the south Dorset shore. It is situated in an isolated valley that is adorned with an outstanding natural beauty. In addition, half mile area comprising of private beach and cliffs have made this site more attractive for camping.. This area is now a part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Eweleaze Farm is open in July and August.

Eweleaze farm Dorset

6. Overstand Norfolk

This beach camping site is located at the Norfolk cliffs with gorgeous views across the sea and massive sandy beach. The gorgeous village of Overstrand lends a beautiful place for the camping site during summer. Basically the area of two miles is used for camping that is spread along the coast from the seaside town of Cromer that can be accessed by walking.

Overstand Norfolk

7. Clatchtoll Beach Scotland

Located on the bay of Clachtoll on the north western side of Scotland, a village offers a wonderful site for camping. It is in the postal district of Lairg, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands that is a larger village at fifty miles inland and situated in the County of Sutherland and in the Scottish council zone of Highland. The signposts on the way guides well to reach at this point.
When you reach at the car park, the splendid beach lies at south west side. From here the stunning mountain views towards the south gives wonderful feeling. Moreover, layers of sloping rock towards the North West from the car park makes the whole scenery most wonderful.

Clatchtoll Beach Scotland

8. Cnip Grazing Scotland

This small crofting community situated on the western shore of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and looks like the last place on our planet. The most fabulous feature of this camping site is its peaceful surrounding where the only sound that you listen comes from the dancing movements of sea waves. The reflection of sunbeams from water makes each morning most refreshing and thus makes beach camping an amazing experience.
In comparison to Scotland’s other bays, this is the modest one. If you want to stretch your legs, then move towards Uig Sands that lies at four miles south of Cnip. It’s an excellent bay where the low tide departs for miles out to sea and leaves behind a rippled band of golden sand.

Cnip Grazing Scotland

9. Kintra Farm Scotland

The site at Kintra is a working farm that along with a great beach at its front end is a fabulous place for beach camping. Shelter can be found down in one of the dips; however, camp can also be placed high towards the upside to have real wind-in-your-hair with a salty feel on your skin. In addition, the coastal views give lovely feeling from here.
Scotland is famous for quite a few things and among which whisky is at the top for its unique taste. Kintra Farm is a place in Scotland where you can find whisky with its original taste.

Kintra Farm Scotland

10. Pevensey Bay

Another beautiful camping site is available at Pevensey Bay that lies behind and upon the half shingle sand beach. Though it is a smaller site in comparison to other sites mentioned above, yet it has all other facilites that makes a site ideal for camping. A quiet village positioned between the towns of Eastbourne and Hastings and the Bay itself has a single beach having flat sands at low tide. Therefore this site becomes perfect for sunbathing, swimming and windsurfing.

Pevensey Bay

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