Top 10 London Markets

London markets offer almost everything range from clothes to curios, tasty food to flowers, modern art to antique products. These markets attract customers through out the world. The quality of shopping is its most remarkable thing that is cause of attractio for worldwide customers. Moreover, the strength of its currency brings in all sorts of commodities. Themost popular markets among bigger markets are Spitalfields, Camden Market or Portobello Road. These markets are best for shopping for vistors who comes here for a short time and search for bargains. Moreover, Greenwich is popular for variety of gifts as well as local designers. In addition, Borough Market is London’s most well-known food market; a source of outstanding British and international produce that is best for tourists for a quick bite.

1. Borough Market

Borough Market in London

Borough Market is gourmet’s paradise in London. It offer a wide variety of fresh produce including fresh fruit, vegetables and all kinds of meat, and condiments, delicious bakery items and yummy street food.
Borough Market is well known for lunch or grocery shopping. There’s also available a wide selection of high-quality ingredients and generous treats.

2. Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market comprise of several streets situated in the Brick Lane area. All sort of junks and jems are on offer in this market. You can also find some economical second-hand furniture shops, a variety of shoes shops. Moreover, there are also different stalls that sell foreign spices and colourful attractive saris.
Even though the shops are restaurants are open on every day but Sunday is best day to shop aroud this market because on Sunday people come here to sell their second hand wares and some other stuff. The good bargains can be found if one serch for carefully.
Even though the shops are restaurants are open on every day but Sunday is best day to shop aroud this market because on Sunday people come here to sell their second hand wares and some other stuff. The good bargains can be found if one serch for carefully.

3. Camden Market

Camden Market London

This market is situated in the Camden down that is the hub of entertainment. This market was estalished as the craft market by the canal. However, over the time it spread over a wide spectrum for variety of items espeically sale items.
Here you can also find one-off pieces of art, food as well as furnishings. On week ends the number of stalls incereses and offer all sort of trading. There is also an indoor fashion market at the Elecric Ballroom that is open only on Sundays.

4. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road has been a market since the 1800s but became particularly famous for its antiques in the 1950s. Now there are numerous stalls offering everything from fruit and bread to posters, clothes, music and, of course, loads of antiques!

Portobello Road Market is a popular market in London that started in 1800s but became a hub for antiques in the 1950s. However, currently all sort of items including fruit, posters, clothing, and music etc. Still aniques are available in a wide variety.

5. Columbia Road Flowers

Columbia Road Flowers

Anyone who loves nature and fond of greenry should make a stop here for variey of plants, shrubs, bulbs and trees. This street that has become colourful because of beautiful flowers is a must see market.
Moreover, one can also find gardening accessories along with gorgeous cut-flowers on offer here available in the surrounding shops

6. Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market, Victorian market halls

Old Spitalfields Market is situated at a short walk from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations.Old Spitalfields Market is a place where you can dine with style, look around the antique market, buy exclusive designer clothes and moreover relax with a glass of very well wine watching the fuss of the City that pass you by.
There are a variety of cool bars and clubs of Shoreditch that are just up the road side. Easy to find, Old Spitalfields Market is a short walk from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations.

7. Broadway Market

Broadway Market

Broadway market is situated in Hackney and it sells a wide range of an electix mic of things that reach here in this market from the local farmers, artists and craftspeople.
These goods temp customers in such a way that they love to visit this market very often, this is the one of reaon of hustle and bustle here. You can find readmade clothes, delicious food, furniture as well as lighting stuff.

8. Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market London

Greenwich Market offer beautiful products from various designers and small cottage industries. Original artworks and handcrafted toys are available in best stuff here. Weekends are often busiest here and there are usually more than 150 stalls on weekends that sell an attractive range of jewellery producs, pictures, clothing stuff and accessories.
Local people place there stall here of delicious food and various cultural tasty eatables.

9. Covent Garden London

Covent Garden London

Covent Garden London market is situated at the heart of the Covent Garden piazza. It was designed in 1632 by Inigo Jones and now it has become so popular that it is visited by 30 million tourists each year. Its large glass covered building consists of several arcades of fashionable boutiques, bars, cafés and an artistic selection of crafts.

Here toourists can get them entertained through open piazza jugglers, mime artists, variety of acts and musicians’ arts.
10. Petticoat Lane Market

East London Markets. Petticoat Lane Market

Petticoat Lane Market is a fashion market that is located on Wentworth Street and Middlesex Street in the East London. It is also popular for clothing stuff and household goods.
Having been established first time in 1936, it is also regarded as one of the oldest markets in London. This market opens on all week days and on weekends it extends to the surronding streets where various goods stalls are placed by local trades.

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