Things to prepare before going on cruising holidays

Before embarking on your long-awaited cruise vacation, there is still last minute planning to do in order to secure your house, belongings, and pets that you will be leaving behind. To have an exceptional holiday break away at sea, apart from ensuring that you have prepared everything by calling the free hotline 0808 252 8075 for your cruising holidays, the other important thing is making sure your house is safe when you leave for your vacation. Lock up all doors, windows, garage doors, and gates, and organise your keys in one place. If you have an alarm system installed remember to set it up. While closing the blinds and putting the house on ‘lockdown’ is a good way to secure your residence from possible break-ins, some might worry that the house’s vacated appearance may serve the opposite function of attracting burglars. To deal with that worry, you might want to hire a house sitter to take care of the place while you are gone. This will be a win-win scenario if you also need a pet sitter! When handing the house over to a house or pet sitter, remember to leave detailed instructions and label all necessary cupboards and items in the house.
Travelling is meant to relieve stress, but can lead to a lot of stressful situations if your papers are not in order. Make sure you have your passport, the appropriate identification documents, and all tickets with you when you leave for the cruise. Consider applying for travel insurance to prepare for any future troubles and to put your mind at ease.

Packing right is also key to a smooth, relaxing cruise holiday—create a comprehensive packing list so that you will not forget the small things. Remember to bring along essentials like sun block, bathing suits, sunglasses, mats or towels, a hat, and a book if you plan to spend most of your time swimming or sunbathing out on the deck. Cameras or binoculars are other necessary equipments for experiencing and recording your beautiful cruise vacation! Pack along comfy shoes or sandals for walking.

Finally, remember to save all important contacts and phone numbers from the house, your sitter, and even your insurance company in your address book. They will come in handy in case of emergencies while you are cruising miles away from land!

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