Rome: Finding the Perfect Souvenir

You may not have to cogitate more to decide about souvenir in Rome, if you are a Catholic. There are many speciality shops near the Vatican that sell certified papal-blessed items. However, you can do it yourself and going through such experience is not only spiritual but also makes your tour to Italy memorable. Buy some item of religious devotion like Bible or Cross that is easily available from variety of shops here. Bring your gift here and hold it up when the pontiff blesses the crowd; on each Sunday and Wednesday, there is papal appearance at the Vatican. Almost all major hotels in Rome provide such information if you enquire. People bring various items here; however, from religious point of view, you are blessed only for those items that are related to your faith. A Rome tourist must not miss this experience.

If you are not Catholic, you probably must have a Catholic friend or colleague and you can bring him back such souvenir. Just imagine how much pleasure you will bring him with this simple but significant gift.


Among other things, jewellery is my top recommendation because of its unique designing and historic attachment with Ancient Romans. Here both gold and artificial jewellery is available and gold jewellery is best choice if your wallet allows it. The designs are very elegant and unique. However, handmade costume jewellery is also not a bad choice if you have a low budget for shopping.

Gorgeous leather bags are available in as many varieties as dishes on restaurants in Rome; however, beware of shop keepers who can sell you Gucci’ bags for just €15. If you have stamina as well as expertise in haggling then the same bag you can buy in very reasonable price.

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