Museums in London

Museums in London

Here is a brief description of top five Museums in London that tourists must put on top of their list of things to do in London.

1.  British Museum

Located in London, British Museum is the largest museum in Britain and one of the oldest ones in the world. This museum depicts the cultural history of various nations including Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Roman, European and Middle Eastern. Its huge collection is attributed to the efforts of Sir Hans Sloane who built this museum in 1753.

The remarkable things of museum that must be focused are the Rosetta Stone, the key to deciphering Egyptian symbols and it was discovered in 1799.  The Parthenon Sculptures obtained from the walls of the Parthenon in Athens by Lord Elgin, the Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hooburial residues and the superb Oxus Treasure of 7th- to 4th-century-BC Persian gold.

 Museum in London

British Museum

The Great Court was rebuilt in 2000 by Norman Foster.  It has a remarkable glass-and-steel roof that makes it one of the most striking architectural places in London. A Reading Room, having fabulous blue-and-gold domed ceiling has been built in the centre and it is believed that Karl Marx completed here the Manifesto of the Communist Party.
Ticket cost  £8 for adult and  £5 for a child and if you need an audio guide as well then you will have to pay £4.5 extra.

2. Science Museum

Science Museum offering educational exhibitions in the seven floor beautiful building is the most inspiring place to visit for tourists. Among London museums, it has ever been a bigger crowed puller.

Each floor of this museum offers amazing experience; the ground hall is called The Energy Hall and it contains the various machines belonging to the Industrial Revolution.

Museum in London

Science Museum, London

Reaching on the 2nd floor the thing that catches attraction is the computing stuff.  It narrates the whole computing history starting from Charles Babbage’s analytical engine to hulking valve-based computers.

Having gliders, hot-air balloon and varied aircraft, the 3rd-floor called Flight Gallery is the most interesting place to visit for children.

In addition, The Hi-Tech Wellcome Wing having an IMAX Cinema is another attraction.  It offers an unforgettable experience of 3-D technology. The space adventure and dinosaur world is really a memorable thing to watch in in 3-D technology.

3. The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial Museum is situated in the centre of London. It has collected all the information about the wars. Visiting museums in London, a tourist often finds something of his unique interest. One of the interesting things of  this museum is  the letters written by soldiers during war. In addition, old war aircraft and other equipment will bring you back in history.

Museum in London

Imperial War Museum

4.  Museum of London

Museum of London is a museum that narrates the whole interesting story of London. How London developed into modern phase of today.

Located just closer to Barbican Centre, Museum of London preserves a lot of interesting stuff about various social development stages of London. All museum in London are worth visiting, however Museum of London must be on top of your list, if you have hunger to explore London history.

Museum of London

5 . Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum of London was  earlier known as British Museum of Natural history. Life galleries of this museum  are full with fossils and glass cases with taxidermies birds.

The whole antiquated atmosphere of this place is quite fascinating. There is also a fabulous Creepy Crawlies room, the Ecology gallery video wall as well as the huge Darwin Centre that focuses on the study of the natural world Taxonomy. It contains almost 450, 000 jars of pickled specimens, with an 8.6 meter long huge squid called Archie.

There are also showcases that hold 28 million insects and six million plants. The second part of the museum is the Earth galleries (Red Zone) and it can be accessed easily from the Exhibition Rd entrance.

Museums in London

Natural History Museum, London

An escalator slides up through a globe into displays about  geological make-up of earth. Moreover, volcanoes, earthquakes and storms are all presented on the upper floors.  There are also reminiscences of Kobe earthquake of Japan that occurred in 1995 and that killed 6000 people.

All Museums of London have unique information to share and Natural History Museum is not exception. Displays on the lower floors focus on ecology and house gems and other precious stones. There are also interesting explanations of how planets are formed.

In addition, the Wildlife Garden shows a range of British lowland habitats. A striking display is the Butterfly Jungle; a tunnel tent on the East Lawn must not be missed on your visit here.

6 . Horniman Museum

Horniman Museum of London houses a collection of 350,000 objects. It is biggest knowledge home about anthropology, musical instruments and natural history. Such features has brought this museum in the category of London attractions.

London Attraction - Horniman Museum

Horniman Museum

The major tourist attractions are stuffed animals, modern aquarium and Victorian aquarium. If you want to explore the music history, this museum with 8,000 musical instruments is a best place.

House of Parliament- London

Houses of Parliament- London Attractions

Houses of Parliament- London Attractions

Also known as Westminister, The House of Parliament is one of top London attractions. It is located in Parliament Square, Westminster. It is a seat of two British parliamentary houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. During the 11th century, King Edward the Confessor had shifted his court to the Palace of Westminster.

Moreover, in 1265 a parliament was established with two houses: the Lords and the Commons. Though the House of Lords had their sessions at the Palace of Westminster yet the House of Commons did not have any permanent location.

The House of Lords continued holding its sessions in Westminster after King Henry VIII shifted his court to Whitehall Palace in 1530. However, in 1547 the House of Commons was also shifted here and Westminster was confirmed as the central seat of government, a position that it still holds. The guided tour explains enough about such London attractions.

Where is The Houses of Parliament – London Attractions

The O2 – London

The O2 - London Attractions

The O2 – London Attractions

Visiting the O2 and knowing about its brief history will get you into thinking that the positive use of human mind can make this planet a paradise. The O2 is basically the original Millennium Dome that was blamed to be a white elephant. Skilfully, old building has been turned into the most successful entertainment complex of the world. Since then it has become one of the jumbo London attractions.

O2 has 23,000 seats where live performance of mega stars adds to the London attractions for tourists. This mega entertainment complex also includes 03 storey night club, big cinema with elven screens and many lavish restaurants.

Where is The O2 London – Attractions London

Westminster Abbey – London

This place is known due to its beauty and an everlasting home for the well renowned personalities. Most of the royals from Henry to George II buried there.
Westminster Abbey was never a cathedral (the seat of a bishop). This building is directly administered by the Crown. An interesting thing about this special place is that almost all kings have been crowned here. This tradition started since William who was the great Conqueror. However those who were murdered (Edward V) or abdicated (Edward VIII) could not make this grand building an eternal place to live.

Westminster Abbey London

The building itself captures the attention of visitor. Though its inspiring architectural styles, this building is known to be the supreme example of Early English Gothic in existence. Edward the Confessor, a great king, built this church originally in 11th century and he is buried in the chapel behind the main altar. After him Henry III initiated work on this building in 1245 but also could not accomplish the work.

Other than the royal wedding, royal graves of some greatest personalities who got renowned for their work have been buried here. Among such great people include, Hardy, Tennyson, Dr Johnson and Kipling. The area where such great people have been buried is known Poets’ Corner and on the other side you will find the graves of Handel and Sir Isaac Newton.

Prince William and his new bride Kate wedding cermony Westminster Abbey, London

Henry VII’s glorious Late Perpendicular-style Lady Chapelwas consecrated in 1519 after almost16 years of construction. Even if you do not have a religious mind you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere sitting in this grand place.

The Lady Chapel

The octagonal shaped Chapter Housewas built in 1250s and at this place the monks would meet for their daily prayer. This tradition continued till the defeat of Henry VIII. Then it was used as a treasury and Royal Wardrobe. The nearby Abbey Museum has preserved the grand marks of generations of royalty.

Chapter House

The nearby Abbey Museum has preserved the grand marks of generations of royalty.
A few Parts of the Abbey complex has free entry for visitors. Among these are the Cloister and College Gardenthat is almost 900 years old. Here you can enjoy free concerts if you reach here between12.30pm to 2pm on Wednesdays from mid-July to mid-August. Next to to the abbey is St Margaret’s Church that is the House of Commons’ place of worship since almost 1614. There are beautiful windows that remind churchgoers Caxton and Milton, and Sir Walter Raleigh who were interred here.

College Cloister Gardens London

Here you can join a tour that are arranged by the trust itself and each tour comprise of 25 peoples only.
Moreover, entry to the Abbey is free. IF you reach here on weekdays then you can join Matins at 7.30am, Holy Communion at 8am and 12.30pm, and Choral Evensong at 5pm in the evening. However these services continued throughout the day on Sundays.

Opening time and Ticket Cost

Opening time for Royal Chapels: 9.30am-4.30pm, Mon-Fri (last admission 3.30pm) until 7pm Wed (last adm 6pm)and on Sat9.30am-2.30pm. closed on Sunday. Museum and Chapter House opening time 10.30am-4pm (Mon-Sat). Ticket cost £16, £13(Senior) and student over 18 years having ticket cost £6-11.

World Famous Four Counties Ring in England

Four (04) Counties Ring England-Enjoy cruising the 4 Counties Ring

It is real fun to cruise the Four Counties Ring twice clockwise or anti-clockwise.This is one of the most enjoyable ways to visit the English countryside-even with the 94 lock gates that probably you will have to negotiate.

The Four Counties Ring is mistakenly considered by many tourists to be a series of canals that together, make a loop going through Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.
The four counties included in the name of this well cruised ring are
1. Staffordshire
2. Cheshire
3. Shropshire
4. West Midlands

Four Counties Ring in UK

Length of 4 counties ring?
The 4 county ring canal cruise is about 110 miles long and consists of 93 locks along with one tunnel that is almost 2 miles long and a few of short ones. The ring requires around 50 hours continued travelling/cruising.
If tourists prefer the service of companies on the ring, these companies give travellers a week to complete the cruise. In this way it takes almost just over 7 hours per day. If you own a boat then it would take ten to fourteen days to complete the ring. Thus it shortens the cruising hours down to around four hours per day. However, spending a whole month on such cruising offers real site seeing.

The Staffordshire and Worcester Canal
It comprise of:
Autherley Junction,
Wolverhampton in the West Midlands to Haywood Junction
Great Haywood, in Staffordshire.

The Four Counties Ring Staffordshire & Worcester Canal

Trent and Mersey Canal
This canal include Haywood Junction and Middlewich in Cheshire.

The Trent and Mersey Canal

Middlewich Arm of the Shropshire Union Canal
It covers the area of Middlewich and Barbridge Junction
Wardle in Cheshire.

Mersey Canal. It must be about halfway on the Four Counties Ring

Shropshire Union Canal
It include the area between: Barbridge Junction Wardle
Cheshire and Autherley Junction, in West Midlands
It also covers a shoor area of Shropshire.
The ring runs mostly through far-flung charming countryside. However, at some points it runs through urban and industrial area that is around the potteries of Stoke and Stafford. There are also some towns and small villages that the cruise passes by. The main villages are sucinclude: Stone, Kidsgrove, Middlewich, Nantwich, Market Drayton, Penkridge and Wolverhampton and Wheaton Aston.
The Shropshire Union Canal near Norbury Junction
Similar More sizes

Shropshire Union Canal

I along with my girlfriend cruised the Four Counties Ring in ‘Maid of the Mist’ anti-clockwise between 20th May and 28nd May 2008, with an additional two days via cruising from Otherton, near Penkridge to Stone. If you prefer to hire a boat then you can start at any point on the circuit where there is a hire company. However if you own a boat then it can be joined on the circuit at one of the seven junctions through out the way.
I guarantee that cruising this site would be your most enjoyable experience of life.

Shropshire union in Autumn:

Top Four Things to See in British North Cornwall Beach

North Cornwall

Cornwall is a full of delights with UK’s best surf beaches, wonderful coastal scenery, charming fishing villages, and the convincing beauty of Bodmin Moor.

An interesting thing about Britain is that wherever you are in Britain you are always about 16 miles away from sea and you have a choice of 300 beaches to chose from.

Thus you need not think much about destination of your next holiday trip. There is a long list of beaches in Cornwall.
A few of most fascinating sites to explore from include Eden Project, Tintagel Castle and tin mines.

North Cornwall

Tintagel Castle is situated on windswept cliffs in North Cornwall. The Castle is considered to be the birthplace of King Arthur who was a legend. He was protected from the evil magician Merlin when he used his magical sword, Excaliber, for his defence.

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Tintagel Castle is an inspiring place to visit that provides an opportunity to absorb the fantastic atmosphere generated by the most dramatic views and wonderful legends. Today, the remains of Tintagel castle are situated at rugged cliffs that are high above the sea.

Tintagel Castle Cornwall

Tin mines Cornwall

Cornwall tin-mining can be explored past across various cliff-top sights that are regarded as a well renowned World Heritage.

Tin Mines Cornwall

Tin Mines Cornwall


St Ives North Cornwall

Cornwall having a stunning coastline and an incredible light is a paradise on earth that provide thriving art scene to its visitors.

St Ives is full of beautiful local galleries that tell the stories of ancients through their marvellous artefacts as well as artists’ workshops along with the excellent Tate St Ives and Barbara Hepworth Museum. Moreover, here you also find a theatre that is more dramatic than the cliff-side Minack Theatre.

St-Ives-Harbour Beach

The Eden Project

The innovative domes and unique settings of the Eden Project have a potential to make your day more fascinating. The castle-topped isle of St Michael Mount is another legendary, and Constantine Bay is other most amazing stretches of coastline in the world.

If you want to enjoy coastal light then you should go underground with a trip to Geevor Tin Mine and here you can experience Cornwall’s fascinating mining history

Eden Project Cornwall

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Where is North Cornwall, UK

Tower Bridge – London

Tower Bridge - London Attractions

Tower Bridge – London Attractions

Tower Bridge is another tourist attraction. It was built in 1994 when London was just a port. The bridge was especially designed for ships to cross. From the northern tower to Tower Bridge Exhibition a lift leads through. Using the same ticket, tourist can access to the engine room below the southern tower.

Towards the city side, Dead Man’s Hole can be viewed under the bridge. Historians describe that this hole was used as an emergency room for the treatment of corpses that would get injured while coming through the River Thames. This is one of a few London attractions that make the best spots for photography.

Where is Tower Bridge – London Attractions

London Eye

London Eye - London Attractions

London Eye

London Eye: If a tourist comes to London and returns without having a ride on London Eye, he misses one of the greatest London attractions. Having 30 minutes flight on one of the wheel’s 32 glass-enclosed eye pods, you can view 25 miles in all directions.

This miracle wheel with 135m height is located at the south-western end of Jubilee Gardens. It was built in 2000 and since then it has been  one of top attractions in London. It entertains almost 3.5 million visitors annually.

There is usually a great rush of people here especially on ticket house.  However, such peak density can be avoided if you visit London Eye before 11am or after 3pm. Purchasing tickets on line is a better option.

Where is  London Eye – London Attractions

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