The Lake District – A destination for weekend breaks in UK

The Lake District also known as The Lakes, is a glorious mountainous region in North West England. It is a well popular holiday destination; its popularity is not only for its fascinating lakes, forests and mountains but also for its connection with the early 19th century poetry. During 19th century, the renowned poets like William Wordsworth and Gray described beauty of Lake District in their poems. One fact cannot be denied that a visitor who is prepared to walk around here finds this unsuspected paradise the most beautiful and peaceful place.

The youngest Lake District rock is almost 440 million years old and it forms a gentler landscape that surrounds Windermere. The Lake is basically the product of Ice Age that gave rise to U-shaped valleys when countless glaciers advanced and retreated. Thus it further formed the deep incised lake beds.

Ambleside, The Lake District

Ambleside is a small beautiful town and it is located at the northern end of Lake Windermere. It is very popular among tourists and hikers. There are many shops in this town and from these shops you can buy all sort of stuff like boots, emergency raingear and sleeping bags etc. In addition, hotels and cottages in Windermere are comfy and available on reasonable rates.


Angle Tarn, The Lake District

Description about Lake District is incomplete without mentioning Angle Tarn that is considered to be the loveliest of all Lakeland tarns because it has something more than its wilderness, isolation and scenic magnificence common to most lakes. Its shoreline is deeply indented which gives it a very individual beauty and two small islands standing far out water that is filled with trout and make the scenery around it perfectly.

From the upper side the peaks are called Angletarn Pikes and the nearby view from here is very splendid. This area is basically the part of the Martindale deer forest and herds of red deer sometimes can be seen watering at the tarn. For accommodation you can easily find holiday cottages in the Lake District.

Angle Tarn

There are many routs to the lake and one the prettiest is from dale Head Farm in Bannerdale.

How do you get to Angle Tarn, The Lake District

Patterdale is on A592 that is ½ mile from the southern end of Ullswater. Bannerdale can be accessed by following the minor road from Pooley Bridge (on the B5320 at the northern end of Ullswater) to Howtown. Beyond the top of the col, or house the road drops steeply to House Farm. From here the left turn leads to Dale Head Farm besides Bannerdale Beck.

Aira Force, The Lake District

The waterfall is one of the Lake District most romantic places where a shining silver stream of water stumbling some 70ft between luminous, precipitous wall of rock. Aira Beck that raises high in the wilderness of Matterdale Common, marks its last sensational gesture before falling into Ullswater.

A gate from car park and the foot of Aira Beck leads into a field, and from the right of the field a stile leads into the woods and over a foot-bridge across the beck. The path trails the beck up through the woods that are a charming a mixture of oak, alder, willow and beech.

Nature waterfall Aira Force

Aira Force and A Love Story

Aira Force is said to be the scene of a tragedy of love. Emma, its heroine would live in the nearby Lyulph Toer, and love a knight called Sir Eglamore. One day he left her for some reason and in despair she took to sleep-walking alongside Aira Force. It was the place where they had first encounter. One night Sir Eglamore came back and found Emma at the waterfall; but when he called her name she got up suddenly and fell to her death in the bubbling waters. The grieving knight became a recluse, and spent rest of his life at the same spot where she had died.
The Aira Force car park is just near shore of Ullswater that is a few yards north of the A592 and A5091 junction.

Aira Force waterfall

Borrowdale & Buttermere Valleys, The Lake District

Edged in by wooded fells, flat fields and sharp granite peaks, and scattered with the kind of far-flung farmhouses and solid cottages that beautify many a Lakeland postcard, the valleys of Borrowdale and Buttermere are several peopl idea of the typical Lake District countryside. These twin valleys are immensely popular among walkers and hikers, with a lot of walking tracks and easy access to some of the district highest peaks.

Borrowdale is spread over 6 miles from the western brink of Derwent Water to Honister Pass. Buttermere is spread to northwest from Honister Pass along the coasts of Buttermere Lake and Crummock Water to Cockermouth.

Borrowdale & Buttermere Valleys

What to do in Prague – Czech Republic

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the most popular attraction in Prague. The tiredness I got while visiting around the castle made me believe the fact that it is the largest ancient castle in the world. Yes, there is no doubt that this castle is bigger than seven football grounds and Guinness World Records has also endorsed this fact. Its haphazard shape is because of various rulers who reside in this castle and made additions according to their own requirements.
The history of this castle began in the 9th century when Prince Bořivoj settled here. It has been reconstructed four times from that of PrinceSoběslav in the 12th century to a classical era of Empress Maria Theresa (1740–80). In the 1920s President Masaryk hired the services of Slovene architect, of Slovene architect, Jože Plečnik, to modernize the castle and thus it became more tourist-friendly.

Prague Castle

Though you will get exhausted when reach at the end of castle, yet my advice for you is not to miss viewing the prisons located at the end of the castle and once used by rulers to imprison the culprits and soldiers of enemy.
Ticket: I bought the ticket for 250 KA however, it was not applicable for admission to other art galleries and museums within the castle grounds. There is also an option of family ticket that is valid for two adults and children under the age of 17. Moreover, you will find notice on various locations of castle that for taking photographs you will have to pay 50Kč. However, I made photographs with my mobile phone but paid nothing.

2.Astronomical Clock in Prague

The Prague Astronomical Clock is fixed on the southern wall of Old Town City Hall in the Old Town Square in Prague. The clock was first installed in 1410 and it is regarded as the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still working smoothly. The interesting thing of clock is its accurate indication that it gives about the directions of sun, moon and sky.

The Prague Astronomical Clock

I along with other hundreds of tourist waited anxiously for the mechanical magic of Astronomical Clock standing in Old Town Square. However, it proved quite disappointment for us because we could not even notice the magic that clock performed. We then bought ice cream from one of the parlours in square and moved towards the bridge.

3. Charles Bridge, Prague

Strolling across Charles Bridge at dawn one feels really proud even though you have to squeeze through the tourists. It is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague. Its construction started around 1357 under the patronages of King Charles IV and continued till 15th century. It had been the most important connection between Prague Castle and the city’s Old Town and neighbouring areas until 1841. Therefore, this bridge increased the importance of Prague as a trade route between Eastern and Western Europe.

Charles Bridge in Prague

The bridge has been decorated by 30 beautiful statues and statuaries; I saw people getting their photographs with these statues and few were making their wishes by putting their hands on statues.
At night Charles Bridge looks like a palace, but during the day it gets very busy with painters, owners of stalls, and vendors. If you go there with family then do not forget to get painting of your family especially your kids because painters are very proficient and they charge around 250Kč per painting.

4. Dancing House, Prague

The words ‘’Dancing House’’ caught my attention promptly when I knew about it in Prague first time and I rushed to see its dance. However, reaching there I got it that building itself does not dance but the name has been given for its non-traditional design. The design of this building is quite different from other buildings standing nearby.

Dancing House, in Prague

Its design was developed by Croatian – Czech architect Vlado Milunic and Canadian architect Frank Gehry. The most typical thing for house is non-symmetry and curved lines. It has other, funny names like “Drunk house” or “Fred and Ginger” (the names of a dancer couple).

5. St Vitus’s Cathedral, Prague

St Vitus cathedral and its gothic spikes can be viewed from almost everywhere in Prague centre. It is situated in the centre of Prague castle, on the opposite side of the Vltava River, overseeing the old town centre.
You will have to spend 100 KC to get full access to St Vitus Cathedral. Without the ticket you are restricted to viewing only the interior of the church from the rear and you will lose close up views in the nineteen beautifully adorned chapels, complete with painted or stained glass. The more you spend your time here, the more you admire the art, architecture, and splendour of the interior of St. Vitus.

St Vitus’s Cathedral, in Prague

Spend time looking at the decorated walls of St Wenceslas Chapel. Look the door carefully at the back of the chapel – from where you can enter the special room that holds the crown jewels.
Going below the main floor, you will find the ancient burial crypts. This building, in fact, gives you a specific viewpoint of the history.

Buckingham Palace – London

London Attractions

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the top London attractions. It has been used as the official London residence for Britain’s sovereigns since 1837. It is now used as administrative headquarters of the Monarch.

Although this palace is used for the many official events and gatherings held by The Queen, the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace are open for visitors every year.

Buckingham Palace has total 775 rooms and out of these 19 rooms is very lavishly furnished. These rooms contain the art work of very renowned artists like Rembrandt, van Dyck, Canaletto, Poussin and Vermeer.

The visitors are allowed a two-hour tour that includes the visit of Throne Room and few other rooms. Visitors have to buy tickets that have time limits and admission to palace is allowed after every 15 minutes. When you buy a ticket, an audio guide is also handed that explain the various parts of palace along with their historic importance. A Royal Day Out is a joint ticket that includes visit to the State Rooms, Queen Gallery and Royal Mews. For an adult, ticket costs £31.95 and for a child it is £18.20.

Guard changing ceremony is held at 11:30am daily from May to July. In this ceremony, the old guard comes off duty and are replaced by the new guard. This ceremony though not one of top London attractions but it is very popular ceremony that lasts for about half an hour. If you visit here in November, the official parade leaving the palace for the State Opening of Parliament is very exciting.

There is a fabulous gallery know as Queen Gallery. Entering in this gallery a visitor gets absorbed in its grand design  developed by John Nash. The gallery holds remarkable treasures in the showcases on a rotating basis. Entrance to this gallery is through Buckingham Gate.

Royal Mews is a stable that looks after royal horses and also holds grand vehicle that are used for the royal family. Visitors get mesmerised by the Gold Coach of 1762 as well as the Glass Coach of 1910. These vehicles remarkably decorated and used by Prince William and Catherine Middleton during their wedding ceremony.

List of London attractions is incomplete without mentioning Buckingham Palace; therefore, do not miss it at all.

 Where is Buckingham Palace – London Attractions

One Day Walk in Kinder Scout Peak District National Park England

The moorland plateau of Kinder Scout is situated at almost at the height of 2,088 ft and it is the highest point of the Peak District National Park. It is smooth, bleak, featureless, and faintly dreadful and its threatening solitudes are quite unforgettable.
It is shaped like a starfish, with the legs plunging out between steep stony valleys; the plateau is a wasteland of peat intersected by hundreds of groughs, or natural drainage conduits. These can be quite deep, for the peat is dense, having been 8000 years in forming and in winter when the groughs are filled with snow, they develop into traps that can be fatal to unwary. Also, in hot summers, the peat dries out to yield a dust that creates thirsts of huge proportions.

Walking trail Kinder Scout

However, if this site still attracts you and if you are a true lover of wild places it will- it might be better to evade interior of plateau and take instead the well-defined gritty paths that trace its outside boundary. Here the wind is always fresh that carries with it the tang of heather and bilberry and sweet voices of birds. In summer, especially in May and June it sets the myriad white heads of cotton – grass a-dancing, making it easy to see why so many upland Pennine areas have been named ‘Featherless Moss’. You can reach the summit of Kinder by many ways; from the A57, where path about half a mile south east of the snake Inn crosses Woodlands Valley and climbs up Fairbrook Naze to the northern edges; or from Edale along the early stretches of the Pennine way that begins at The Nag’s Head. Both are outstanding routs among the number of others equally good, but whichever ways you approach Kinder all paths seem in the end to lead to Kinder Downfall on the Western Edge. Here the Kinder River makes a spectacular 100 ft. plunge- except when a gale blows, and throws back the falling waters in a great cloud of rainbow tinted spray.

moorland plateau of Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is a wild and fascinated place but treat it with respect especially in winter. The perimeter walk is 17 miles around, and most of it is really tough going requiring proper equipment and reasonable standard of physical fitness. If you have doubts about either, view the place instead from, say Mam Tor; better than that find yourself exhausted and stranded nightfall miles away from shelter.
Kinder Scout can be accessed from the A57 or from the Hayfield, Edale and many other points. There is also National Park Information Centre in Edale where details about routs and weather conditions can be obtained.

Kinder Scout

How to get there By car
From Manchester take the A57 east; then stay on it till it turns into the M67 and then back into A57. When you reach at the edges of the Peak District then turn on to the A6016 and then head south on A624. You will find the Grouse Inn along here, between Glossop and Hayfield.
By public transport
The nearest railway station is New Mills and from there you can take 61 bus that goes past the Grouse Inn.

National Gallery – London

National Gallery - London Attractions

National Gallery

Gazing grandly over Trafalgar Sq through its Corinthian columns, the National Gallery has preserved art for many years. This is the reason that it attracts millions of visitors annually who greatly admire its 2300-plus Western European paintings that have been collected here from history.

Some paintings belong to 1250 to 1900. Among such grand paintings are Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire regarded as Britain’s greatest painting, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars and van Gogh’s Sunflowers. The primitive holy paintings in the Sainsbury Wing are the most remarkable attractions. However the work by Monets and Renoirs is also among top attractions of art lovers.

Where is National Gallery – London Attractions

Top 10 Beach Camping Sites in UK

Beach has always been a top attraction because of its generous offer of fresh air, cool waves and soft sand. This is a reason that camping on beach is loved by tourists because they can enjoy swimming, strolling and surfing as much as they like.

Spending a day on the beach and then strolling back to camp, watching the sun set over the sea in the evening, and throwing open the tent flaps the next morning to an oceanic view will make your trip a magical one indeed. Though there are many other camping sites like rivers and lakes, woodlands and valleys but camping on beach is always a most wonderful experience.

Although the beach camping sites in Britain are not as attractive as in Bahamas or Maldives, yet Britain has secured few spots on its coastline that will make you overlook all other beaches on your wish list.
Our team has thoroughly searched to recommend these following top 10 attractive beach camping sites in UK.

1. Cae Du Wales

Spread in 30 acres at the brink of Beddgelert in Snowdonia, North Wales, Cae Du is a delightful camping site. It offers a magnificent sea view and a peaceful location.

This is a perfect location to explore the mountains of Snowdonia, the coastline and charms of North Wales for those looking for tranquillity along with camping break; parties are not allowed at this camping site.

Cae Du Wales

2.Three cliffs Bay Wales

Three Cliffs Bay is undeniably one of the best beaches located on the south coast of the Gower Peninsula having an almost round sandy beach surrounded by exceptional rock formations. It’s a typical silhouette which is regarded as the best view in Wales and one of the attractive camping sites.
BBC Holidays at Home programme confirmed Three Cliffs Bay to be Britain’s best beach and the view at Three Cliffs Bay as Britain’s Best View.

Three cliffs Bay Wale

3. Troytown Farm Isles of Scilly

It is a little island of St Agnes that makes one of wonderful beach camping sites of UK. However, reaching at this site is itself an adventure. St Agnes is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Scilly archipelago that is spread on only one mile diameter. It is really a gorgeous rocky place that has not changed its features since Celtic times. In addition, the flower farming by the inhabitants of this area has made it more attractive and this is a reason that in winter this island just looks like a paradise. Troytown Farm is considered as one of the top camping sites for all adventurous tourists who reach here.

Troytown Farm. Isles of Scilly

4. Tregedna farm Cornwall

Tregedna Farm is surrounded by massive countryside and its attraction has increased many times because of the neighbouring beach, Maenporth. It is the most spectacular beach on Cornwall’s south coast and thus makes Tregedna Farm the best place for beach camping.

Tregedna farm Cornwall

5. Eweleaze farm Dorset

Eweleaze Farm is an organic farm located on the south Dorset shore. It is situated in an isolated valley that is adorned with an outstanding natural beauty. In addition, half mile area comprising of private beach and cliffs have made this site more attractive for camping.. This area is now a part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Eweleaze Farm is open in July and August.

Eweleaze farm Dorset

6. Overstand Norfolk

This beach camping site is located at the Norfolk cliffs with gorgeous views across the sea and massive sandy beach. The gorgeous village of Overstrand lends a beautiful place for the camping site during summer. Basically the area of two miles is used for camping that is spread along the coast from the seaside town of Cromer that can be accessed by walking.

Overstand Norfolk

7. Clatchtoll Beach Scotland

Located on the bay of Clachtoll on the north western side of Scotland, a village offers a wonderful site for camping. It is in the postal district of Lairg, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands that is a larger village at fifty miles inland and situated in the County of Sutherland and in the Scottish council zone of Highland. The signposts on the way guides well to reach at this point.
When you reach at the car park, the splendid beach lies at south west side. From here the stunning mountain views towards the south gives wonderful feeling. Moreover, layers of sloping rock towards the North West from the car park makes the whole scenery most wonderful.

Clatchtoll Beach Scotland

8. Cnip Grazing Scotland

This small crofting community situated on the western shore of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and looks like the last place on our planet. The most fabulous feature of this camping site is its peaceful surrounding where the only sound that you listen comes from the dancing movements of sea waves. The reflection of sunbeams from water makes each morning most refreshing and thus makes beach camping an amazing experience.
In comparison to Scotland’s other bays, this is the modest one. If you want to stretch your legs, then move towards Uig Sands that lies at four miles south of Cnip. It’s an excellent bay where the low tide departs for miles out to sea and leaves behind a rippled band of golden sand.

Cnip Grazing Scotland

9. Kintra Farm Scotland

The site at Kintra is a working farm that along with a great beach at its front end is a fabulous place for beach camping. Shelter can be found down in one of the dips; however, camp can also be placed high towards the upside to have real wind-in-your-hair with a salty feel on your skin. In addition, the coastal views give lovely feeling from here.
Scotland is famous for quite a few things and among which whisky is at the top for its unique taste. Kintra Farm is a place in Scotland where you can find whisky with its original taste.

Kintra Farm Scotland

10. Pevensey Bay

Another beautiful camping site is available at Pevensey Bay that lies behind and upon the half shingle sand beach. Though it is a smaller site in comparison to other sites mentioned above, yet it has all other facilites that makes a site ideal for camping. A quiet village positioned between the towns of Eastbourne and Hastings and the Bay itself has a single beach having flat sands at low tide. Therefore this site becomes perfect for sunbathing, swimming and windsurfing.

Pevensey Bay

One Day Trip to Alnwick in Northumberland, UK


Alnwick is situated in the centre of Northumberland. Its extensive sandy beaches, its cool and calm friendly villages, the Simonside and Cheviot hills, its historic grand medieval Castles, and its beautiful gardens make Alnwick an ideal place for your holidays in Northumberland. There are several Stately Homes in this area. There is also a fantastic Alnwick Castle called as “The Windsor of the north”, and also referred as home of the Duke of Northumberland.

Alnwick. Northumberland,England,

Alnwick – Historic Market Town

It is a very historic market town and it originally established as a staging post that situated at a day’s ride from Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north and Newcastle upon Tyne ssituatated in the south. However, you can still find may paved streets here along with narrow passages and striking buildings made up of stone. Most of such buildings are used as shops and family business spots.

Historic market town of Alnwick

However, still here at Alnwick you can find a thriving medieval market town that gives the historic touch. Reaching here you feel like you have time back to history. Further it makes the atmosphere more beautiful through its popular local International Music Festival that is held at the centre of Alnwick. The last Friday of each month people reach here from all its surrounding to trade in local and continental markets and the Farmers Market.

There id also St. Michael’s Church that is situated near the Castle on Bailiffgate. It is referred as the Anglican parish church for Alnwick. This church was first built in Saxon times however it was later rebuilt around the 14th and 15th centuries.

The parish church of Alnwick

If you have a taste for arts and craft then Northumberland Hall in the centre of Alnwick Market Place is a best venue to visit for you.
The other things that you should not miss to visit such as Playhouse Theatre, Embroidery Visitor Centre and and Bondgate Gallery, Bondgate Gallery is one of the great attraction across the Northumberland for the people who has interest in art and history.

Alnwick Castle

It has been used as a home of the Percy family for almost 700 years and known as one of the best castles in England, Alnwick Castle that is known as a home of the Duke of Northumberland makes your day really memorable one.

It has glorious and spacious grounds that were designed by Capability Brown, dominant medieval towers, a 14th century prison, beautiful State Rooms with Italian design, paintings made by Canaletto, Van Dyck and Titian and there are alos various museums that cover the region’s military and archaeological history.

Alnwick castle Northumberl

Barter Books and Station Buffet

If you love books and reading is your hobby then for you Barter Books is a best place to visit. It is basically situated in the grand building that was hitorically used as the Victorian Railway Station for Alnwick. Barter Books
is one of the largest second hand shops in England that contain more than 350,000 books.

Barter Books, Alnwick

While browsing around the market if you get hungry then you need not go far away but Station Buffet sitated in market provides the delicious food. It has been opened recently and got popular among visitors.

The Bakehouse Gallery

There is also The Bakehouse Gallery situated at the short walk of Barter Books. This gallery contains beasutiful contemporary works of art. The popular things in this gallary are sculptures and hooky wall hangings, vintage silk goodies and wirework pictures.

The Bakehouse Gallery

Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery

Another popular place to visit here is Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery that briefs about the history of Northumberland life along with a mixture of traditional displays and thrilling hand made crafts.

Bailiffgate Museum is located opposite the main entrance to Alnwick Castle

Gorgeous Garden

Entertainment is not ended here if you take few steps next to the Castle you will reach is the fantastic Alnwick Garden where you will find The Grand Cascade along with many weirs and fountains. There is also an Ornamental Garden that contains more than 15,000 plants.

Alnwick Garden

This garden is developing gradually on continued basis, therefore you will find something new everytime you visit it.You will also find The Rose Garden on walkways that are heavily scented with roses, clematis as well as honeysuckle.Visitors come here in summer along with their families to enjoy picnic parties.

The Tree House

In 2005 another attraction The Tree House was added to this beasutiful place.
One thing to keep in mind while visiting this site, there are the Alnwick Garden and the Castle are different places and the opening and closing timings are diferent for both.

e Treehouse at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland

Eye-catching Countryside

The coastline of the Alnwick area comprised of more than 20 fantastic miles of golden sands, sand dunes and rocky outcrops that provide a place for fun days out for all sort of peoples and a peaceful beach moves along the cool sands of Cresswell and Druridge Bay.

North Northumberland Heritage Coast

Coastal villages consist of the sparkling harbour town of Amble, gorgeous Warkworth with its grand castle, charming Alnmouth, oldest golf course, the hidden bays at Boulmer. One last suggestion is that you do not forget to taste famous smoked kippers and salmon at the fishing village of Craster when you walk to Dunstanburgh Castle.

St Paul’s Cathedral – London

St Paul’s Cathedral- London Attractions

St Paul’s Cathedral- London Attractions

St Paul’s Cathedral, a master-work by Christopher Wren, has been impressing tourists for last 300 years. It bravely resisted the bombardment of the Blitz (the sustained bombing on Great Britain by Germany during the Second World War). Since then the cathedral is known to be a monument of willpower and resilience of London and Londoners in general.

The other attractions that entice the tourists here are its architectural magnificence and the famous Whispering Gallery. It is one of the London attractions that tourists must not miss during their visit to London.

Where is St Paul’s Cathedral –  London Attractions

How to get cheap flights to London

London is an international city that has a lot more attractions for its visitors. However, if you succeed to get  a cheap flight to this city the momentum of recreation becomes double. This  article provides few important tips to find cheap flights to London Airports. You can easily manage your travel on a budget and enjoy London attractions if you consider these few tips seriously.

Timing of your Travel does matter
Timing of your travel matters a most to determine the price you will have to for a ticket. One thing keep in mind that ticket does not price the same around the year; January is a month during which you can secure the cheapest ticket to London. The price is reduced to almost $200 for a round trip. However, the weather is usually cold and drizzling in London during the month of January.

Booking Timing also matter
Tickets purchased at last moment are always expensive so it will benefit if you book your ticket in advance by a few months. Moreover, Tuesday and Wednesday flights are cheaper therefore prefer to travel these days.

How to compare various flights
You need to compare the flights very carefully keeping the following points in your mind. The flights from the bigger cities are always cheaper so prefer to fly from bigger cities. You should prefer to fly from New York not from Huston to save your money. Sometimes the ticket price of one flight is cheaper than the other but higher tax rate makes the deal quiet opposite. So always compare two flights including tax rates.

Cheaper No-Frill Flights
Some flights are really cheap because of there no-frill offer that makes the deal not cheaper for the passengers but also very profitable for the airlines. No-Frill Airlines cut their cost by removing various features and thus offer their service at quiet reasonable rates. Such flight are easily accessible in Europe, however American are not very fortunate in this case.

British Airways

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Five Cheap Hotels in London

How to visit London with a low budget ?

London has ever been a fabulous place to visit. With whatever mind a visitor comes here, he always carries with him very charming memories. The interesting thing about London is its presentation of old and modern heritage. It is really a big city and it requires proper planning to visit around London attractions.

However the first thing is to reach London spending as little as possible. Here are few tips that would hep you grab a cheaper ticket.  How to get cheap flights to London.

After you reach London then you need proper planning to reduce your transportation cost. There are various modes of transportation with different costs available here. If a visitor does not have proper information, it becomes very hard for him to move around London with a low budget and enjoy its popular sights.

Taxi Service in London
Taxi service is very expensive here in London and therefore, it becomes difficult to use this mode of transportation with the limited budget. There are two types of Taxis, one is just like normal motor car and can be found in any colour. The other one is bigger one and usually in black colour; it is called Black Cab here.

London Famous Black Cab

It is more spacious and should be preferred if tourist carries more luggage with him. The fare for Black Cab is higher than normal taxi. The fare is charged with respect of the reading on the meter that shows the distance travelled.

Bus Service
Bus Service is cheaper but it takes too much time especially during peak hours to move from one place to another. Peak hours duration is from 7:am till 9:30pm. Oyster card can also be used for bus service.

London Bus

Moreover, if you use Oyster card for four times then the other bus travelling for whole day till mid night becomes free. However, if you do not have Oyster Card then you can take a day pass that cost almost £4.20.

Tube Service
This is an underground train service. Though it is bit expensive than bus but very fast service. I will recommend this service for visitors to London.

Tube Train, London

Moreover, it becomes very economical to use this service if visitors use Oyster Card.

Oyster Card or Travel Card London

Oyster Card that is also called by visitors as Travel Card, London, is just like rail pass that can be bought from airport as well as most local shops. In addition, it can be top up multiple times from tube stations and local shops. Don’t forget that Oyster card can be used at both tube service and bus service.

Oyster Card London

Another tip regarding the use of Oyster Card is that never forget to touch it on entrance and exit points on tube stations. If you forget to touch it at entrance point and checked by the checker in tube or station you will be fined for almost £80.

Oyster Card,

The embarrassment would be in addition. Moreover, if you forget to touch the Oyster Card at the exit point then you will lose all your money from your Oyster card. This is because you will be charged till the last destination point of your tube that you travelled on if you forget to touch at the exist point from tube station.

Always Plan your Journey

It is advisable to plan your travel daily before starting your visit to various places. You can plan your travel using the TFL Service.

London underground Transport

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Trafalgar Square – London

Trafalgar Square - London Attractions

Trafalgar Square – London Attractions

Located at the heart of London, Trafalgar Square is one of city’s most exciting London attractions. This is a platform to celebrate all sorts of major events including New Year celebrations, rallies and congregations for anything ranging from open air cinema to political protests.

It is enjoyed equally by Londoners and all other tourists. The special events that have been massively enjoyed here by public are Royal Wedding, Olympics One Year to Go, St Patrick’s Day and Chinese Happy New Year. The tourists can also enjoy here the artistic performances by novice artists. This live performance though  not listed in top London attractions, yet it is big crowd puller.

The square is comprised of a large central area having roadways on three sides, and a beautiful terrace towards the north, just in front of the National Gallery. There are roads around the square and it was first surrounded by one way traffic system. However, later on the northern side was closed to traffic because the width of roads got reduced.

In the centre there is Nelson’s Column and it has been bordered by fountains. These fountains present a charming scene when they lit at night. Nelson’s Column was especially designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens during1937-39 after the demolition of two fountains. The most amazing attraction is four monumental bronze lions that were sculpted by Sir Edwin Landseer.

At the top there is a statue of Horatio Nelson who was vice admiral and he commanded the British Fleet at Trafalgar.

When the tourists reach here, they can access many other attractions that are worth visiting. Among these attractions are The National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery, Church of St Martin-in-the-Field and Pall Mall.  Towards the west  Canada House – another addition to London attractions – was designed by Robert Smirk and built in 1827.  Looking towards south, tourists can also get a slight view of Big Ben, the great bell.

Where is Trafalgar Square – London Attractions

One Day Tour to Bedruthan Steps Coast Beach in England

Bedruthan Steps lies west of Newquay-Padstow road (B3276) that is about 1 mile north of Ternance. Car Parking is available at the top of cliff.
Address: Bedruthan, Saint Eval, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 7UW, United Kingdom


It is huge and irregularly shaped rock stacks made up by the Atlantic. It is the most magnificent sight that is surrounded by vast stretches of sand in summer and pounded by cold waves in winter. It provides a home for sea birds and an entertainment for rock climbers. It is said that many rocky arches collapsed under the relentless onslaught of sea and made many steps in this rock.

One of the rock tacks is called as the Queen Bess Rock Because of its resemblance with Elizabeth I. The other one is called The Samaritan Rock, a name that was given after the wreck of Good Samaritan who was an East Indiaman from Liverpool and smashed to the shore by savage.

Queen Bess Rock, Bedruthan Steps

There is also a beautiful church located at almost 1.5 miles from the cliffs. Its tall tower guides the ships away from the wrath of rocks.
There is also a small National Trust cafe that provides shelter to visitors when the Atlantic gets windy. Bedruthan Steps Hotel and Spa is a well renowned hotel with spectacular ocean views across North Cornwall and wonderful coastline scenery make the tourist to come for enjoyment.

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