How to visit London with a low budget ?

London has ever been a fabulous place to visit. With whatever mind a visitor comes here, he always carries with him very charming memories. The interesting thing about London is its presentation of old and modern heritage. It is really a big city and it requires proper planning to visit around London attractions.

However the first thing is to reach London spending as little as possible. Here are few tips that would hep you grab a cheaper ticket.  How to get cheap flights to London.

After you reach London then you need proper planning to reduce your transportation cost. There are various modes of transportation with different costs available here. If a visitor does not have proper information, it becomes very hard for him to move around London with a low budget and enjoy its popular sights.

Taxi Service in London
Taxi service is very expensive here in London and therefore, it becomes difficult to use this mode of transportation with the limited budget. There are two types of Taxis, one is just like normal motor car and can be found in any colour. The other one is bigger one and usually in black colour; it is called Black Cab here.

London Famous Black Cab

It is more spacious and should be preferred if tourist carries more luggage with him. The fare for Black Cab is higher than normal taxi. The fare is charged with respect of the reading on the meter that shows the distance travelled.

Bus Service
Bus Service is cheaper but it takes too much time especially during peak hours to move from one place to another. Peak hours duration is from 7:am till 9:30pm. Oyster card can also be used for bus service.

London Bus

Moreover, if you use Oyster card for four times then the other bus travelling for whole day till mid night becomes free. However, if you do not have Oyster Card then you can take a day pass that cost almost £4.20.

Tube Service
This is an underground train service. Though it is bit expensive than bus but very fast service. I will recommend this service for visitors to London.

Tube Train, London

Moreover, it becomes very economical to use this service if visitors use Oyster Card.

Oyster Card or Travel Card London

Oyster Card that is also called by visitors as Travel Card, London, is just like rail pass that can be bought from airport as well as most local shops. In addition, it can be top up multiple times from tube stations and local shops. Don’t forget that Oyster card can be used at both tube service and bus service.

Oyster Card London

Another tip regarding the use of Oyster Card is that never forget to touch it on entrance and exit points on tube stations. If you forget to touch it at entrance point and checked by the checker in tube or station you will be fined for almost £80.

Oyster Card,

The embarrassment would be in addition. Moreover, if you forget to touch the Oyster Card at the exit point then you will lose all your money from your Oyster card. This is because you will be charged till the last destination point of your tube that you travelled on if you forget to touch at the exist point from tube station.

Always Plan your Journey

It is advisable to plan your travel daily before starting your visit to various places. You can plan your travel using the TFL Service.

London underground Transport

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