How to Find a Cheap Air Ticket

Here are few tips that would reduce price of your air ticket by thousands of dollars.

Buying Air Ticket in Advance is a Good Strategy

Air tickets count for major portion of your travelling budget. If you manage a ticket at a cheaper price, you can save your major portion. In order to understand Cheap Travel Ideas about air tickets, you need to understand the pricing strategy of airlines. Don’t panic! I have made it easier for you to understand. Airline maximise their profit using two tactics:

  1. Filling maximum number of seats
  2. Charging as much as they can for their seats

Airlines know this fact very well that leisure travellers are much more price sensitive than the business people. Therefore airlines, in order to allure maximum leisure travellers, keep the ticket price much cheaper for the advanced bookings. However, airlines charge heavily to business people who buy tickets just at the nick of time. Therefore, always book air ticket in well advance.

Splitting Your Air Journey Would Save You Money

You can save enough of your money if you split your international journey into multiple destinations (or at least two) and buy tickets separately for each destination. The direct flight is often more expensive. For instance, if you have to travel from London to Islamabad, the best option is to divide this journey into at least two destinations. First buy a ticket from London to Istanbul, Turkey and then another ticket from Istanbul to Islamabad. This trick would not only save you money but also provide a chance to visit more destinations.

How to Reach the Best Fare Deal

While booking an air ticket it often becomes difficult to know whether you have made a best fare deal and booked a ticket at the lowest possible price.

Here is simple technique to make an educated guess. There are various websites that show the fare history for a particular itinerary. Compare the average fare with the price you are being offered today. If today’s price is higher than the average fare then it is better to wait

for the price to come down. However, if the average fare for your itinerary is much higher compared to the offered price, it is best price and you should book the ticket.

Run a Flexible-Date Search

You can save enough of enough of your money by being a bit flexible about your departure and arrival dates. While booking your air ticket, use flexible tool search rather than a fixed date for departure or arrival.

Shift Timing of Your Trip to Get a Cheaper Deal

If you want to make a trip to your favourite destination but high air fare is a hurdle in your way, think about off-season travel. Your destination must have some high season, low season and medium season. Travel cost must me cheaper at a low season when the destination is less crowded. Therefore plan for your travel accordingly.

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