House of Parliament- London

Houses of Parliament- London Attractions

Houses of Parliament- London Attractions

Also known as Westminister, The House of Parliament is one of top London attractions. It is located in Parliament Square, Westminster. It is a seat of two British parliamentary houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. During the 11th century, King Edward the Confessor had shifted his court to the Palace of Westminster.

Moreover, in 1265 a parliament was established with two houses: the Lords and the Commons. Though the House of Lords had their sessions at the Palace of Westminster yet the House of Commons did not have any permanent location.

The House of Lords continued holding its sessions in Westminster after King Henry VIII shifted his court to Whitehall Palace in 1530. However, in 1547 the House of Commons was also shifted here and Westminster was confirmed as the central seat of government, a position that it still holds. The guided tour explains enough about such London attractions.

Where is The Houses of Parliament – London Attractions

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