World Famous Four Counties Ring in England

Four (04) Counties Ring England-Enjoy cruising the 4 Counties Ring

It is real fun to cruise the Four Counties Ring twice clockwise or anti-clockwise.This is one of the most enjoyable ways to visit the English countryside-even with the 94 lock gates that probably you will have to negotiate.

The Four Counties Ring is mistakenly considered by many tourists to be a series of canals that together, make a loop going through Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.
The four counties included in the name of this well cruised ring are
1. Staffordshire
2. Cheshire
3. Shropshire
4. West Midlands

Four Counties Ring in UK

Length of 4 counties ring?
The 4 county ring canal cruise is about 110 miles long and consists of 93 locks along with one tunnel that is almost 2 miles long and a few of short ones. The ring requires around 50 hours continued travelling/cruising.
If tourists prefer the service of companies on the ring, these companies give travellers a week to complete the cruise. In this way it takes almost just over 7 hours per day. If you own a boat then it would take ten to fourteen days to complete the ring. Thus it shortens the cruising hours down to around four hours per day. However, spending a whole month on such cruising offers real site seeing.

The Staffordshire and Worcester Canal
It comprise of:
Autherley Junction,
Wolverhampton in the West Midlands to Haywood Junction
Great Haywood, in Staffordshire.

The Four Counties Ring Staffordshire & Worcester Canal

Trent and Mersey Canal
This canal include Haywood Junction and Middlewich in Cheshire.

The Trent and Mersey Canal

Middlewich Arm of the Shropshire Union Canal
It covers the area of Middlewich and Barbridge Junction
Wardle in Cheshire.

Mersey Canal. It must be about halfway on the Four Counties Ring

Shropshire Union Canal
It include the area between: Barbridge Junction Wardle
Cheshire and Autherley Junction, in West Midlands
It also covers a shoor area of Shropshire.
The ring runs mostly through far-flung charming countryside. However, at some points it runs through urban and industrial area that is around the potteries of Stoke and Stafford. There are also some towns and small villages that the cruise passes by. The main villages are sucinclude: Stone, Kidsgrove, Middlewich, Nantwich, Market Drayton, Penkridge and Wolverhampton and Wheaton Aston.
The Shropshire Union Canal near Norbury Junction
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Shropshire Union Canal

I along with my girlfriend cruised the Four Counties Ring in ‘Maid of the Mist’ anti-clockwise between 20th May and 28nd May 2008, with an additional two days via cruising from Otherton, near Penkridge to Stone. If you prefer to hire a boat then you can start at any point on the circuit where there is a hire company. However if you own a boat then it can be joined on the circuit at one of the seven junctions through out the way.
I guarantee that cruising this site would be your most enjoyable experience of life.

Shropshire union in Autumn:

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