Five Cheap Travel Ideas

 1. Learning Little Foreign Language Saves Much

Foreigners are usually charged more than the locals. However, if you learn few foreign language words to ask the prices of accommodation and eatables, it can make a difference in the prices you are charged. I have used this tactic recently in my Bulgaria travel and got the prices reduced. The more foreign language you learn, the better negotiation power you get.

Moreover, the local newspapers often have such advertisements that offer accommodations at cheaper rates. There are few types of language software available in the market for this purpose but you can also use Google translator for this purpose.

 2. Use Home Exchange Option

Home exchange option is also available for the travellers. It is getting more popularity among tourist community nowadays. You should try this option if your tip to a destination is for a couple of weeks or more. It enables you to enjoy holidays living in someone’s home freely taking care of his home and pets.

3. Cheap Shopping Deals at Local Markets

Mini stalls are set up in local markets at weekends by local businessmen. Here you can find cheap deals for fresh fruits and vegetables. During my visit in London, I bought big bowls of fruits and vegetables from such mini stalls. I bought each bowl of fruit and vegetables for only £1 that is less than 50% of the price of main market.

4. Use Your Free Mileage Using Credit Cards

Airlines preferably accept Credit Cards as a mode of payment and cardholders, in addition, accumulate free miles. One free mile is available each dollar (or 2 dollars) spent. If you are a frequent flyer, you can enjoy at least one free flight in a couple of months.

5. Don’t Get Obsess with Things to Do/Must See

It is unnecessary to visit every site mentioned by travel guides or Travel Websites. You can get a better idea about the culture and history visiting a few places. Some historic places have free entrance and ticket is charged only for a specific portion. It is cheap and better idea to limit you to free visit area of such places.


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