Crete, Greece – An Attractive Spot for Holidays

Crete is the largest island in Greece and definitely the most fascinating and diverse in nature. Massive mountain ranges sprinkled with caves are shared by vivid valleys that spill out to sea. The rocky interior is spread with vast plateaus and green plains. Stunning beaches, the main attraction of this Greek Island, are spread in east and south. East side beach lying in the lap of palm tree forest is the only one of this nature in Europe. Moreover, the beaches on the south coastline are also not less in their attraction.

Although the north coast has been hijacked and spoilt by hotels and cheap package tourism, yet this biggest Greek Island holds enough for independent traveller to explore silent beach settlements and beautiful mountain villages. Moving across this Greek Island one can know enough about its remarkable history like ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos, Venetian fortresses of Rethymo, Byzantine monasteries and birthplace of Zeus, all describe their own historic tales.

The traditional villages located in mountains and agricultural settlements across the island makes the Crete holiday trip more amazing especially if you mix up with the hospitable peoples of these villages. Cretans are very proud of their culture and customs; they have preserved their ancient Crete traditions, along with other things,
in dressing and songs.


There is also large range of bars and restaurants and their tasty dishes make your Crete trip tastier. Moreover, the nights are also very colourful in these bars with live music and bouncing party atmosphere.

In ancient times, Cretans would consider it a great honour to host a tourist. However, over the time this duty has been owned by Crete hotels and here you can easily find all range of luxury hotels as well as Budget hotels.

Where is Crete:

Crete is located at the south of the Aegean Sea and it separates this part of the sea from the Libyan Sea. Its exact location makes the junction of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa.

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