Cheap Travel Destinations for 2013

The dust of economic crises has started settling down around the world. Not all countries are recovering with the same pace, providing a golden opportunity for travellers who intend to visit some lavish or even of-limit destinations. Thus the uneven economic recovery around the world has made some places cheap destinations to travel.

In travel industry this has ever been a superb idea: the more you know the better travel deals you grasp. Here are some top travel ideas that can enable you to enjoy your holidays at destinations that were once out of your reach.

These five affordable countries that have been selected provide the best value. So you can make them your next travel destination in 2013.


Thailand is making hard efforts to attract the same tourist flocks back that it has lost to the political unrest and flooding of 2011. Therefore, the tourist industry has reduced its rates. The falling rates of hotels- and restaurants – in Thailand have made it a cheap destination.

Thailand is renowned for its majestic temples, musky cuisine, mythical beaches and shallow seas. You can enjoy beach parties, mount the sea cliffs of Krabi, and dive with whale sharks in Ko Tao, learn to kite board in Hua Hin, convalesce at a health resort in Ko Samui. The menu is still long enough to cover in this short article.

Thailand - Cheap Destinations


The cheap rates of all such amenities fit very well into budget travel. So explore it yourself giving a visit to this cheap gateway.

Currency situations:

The exchange rate for the Thailand Baht will be around 31.00 Thailand Bahts to the USD. Bahts will remain stable in 2013.


Here you will find more than 450 beaches that interlace with the desert or with the lavish jungle. The gaffe monkeys snarling around attracts when you move through its bright green jungles.

High-energy Guadalajara nightclub gives a chance to show your potential dancing thorough the night.

Don’t heed to drug war that has been highly publicised; such bad stuff is far away from the travelling spots.

Mexico - Cheap Gateways


With all such luxuries, you will bring unforgettable memories without draining your bank accounts. Many five-star resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya have lowered their rates to allure travellers. Thus you can enjoy the same luxury as in Caribbean or Hawaii but at comparatively cheaper rates.

Currency situations:

The Mexico currency Peso has been weaker and inflation rate lower. Therefore your purchasing power would be quite higher here this destination.

Myanmar (Burma) 

A trip to Burma will take you back in old cheap times when there were no luxuries of life such as gadgets: Androids, Black Berry, IPhone, Mac Book or Seven Series. The things that you can enjoy here is a journey on horse and cart passing by the pine forests. You cannot find a zinger burger or Pizza at this destination but a bowl of mohinga noodles with the strong tea-leaf mixture. Have an experience of tea prepared with condensed milk at local teahouses and see closely the Burmese culture. Here you get a chance to strip away your business worries away because mobiles phones hardly work here. Spending few days with simple life style gives an unforgettable experience.

Burma - Destination for Cheap Travel

Currency situations:

After the currency reforms in April 2012, the rate fix at 6.4 kyat per U.S. dollar with a floating rate of over 800 kyat per U.S. dollar. This fact has made Myanmar one of cheap destinations.


The decreasing demand has brought the prices to a lower level especially for the hotels in Egypt in order to regain the tourism. The resort areas like Sharm El Sheik are pretty safe and cheap for budget travellers.

Egypt -  Affordable Destinations


Currency situation:

The Egyptian Pound is under downward pressure and will continue in the first quarter of 2013. This trend has reduced the prices sharply and made the recent timing highly favourable for visitors to travel on budget. However, this continued trend along with the hovering presidential election will increase the prices in the country in near future. So you need to travel early to this recommended destination.

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The present political turbulence and future uncertainty in Greece have reduced tourism here. Searching for sunshine, the tourists instead opted for Spain and Turkey. Consequently, the holiday prices have fallen down by 15 %. The hotels – and restaurants in Greece have removed their hefty price tags to allure the tourists.

Greece - Best Cheap Destinations


The large islands are quite safe and you can get a direct air service to such destinations. Recently there is a little price increase in direct air service to these destinations.

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Currency situations: 

Against the US dollar, the Euro has fallen at the lowest level of last 16 months this year. This fact has made it cheap and value destination for many tourists. The same trend will continue in 2013.

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