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What to do in Dubai

Ostentatious and glittering city, Dubai has been built to attract people travel to this metropolis and spend their money. Dubai regime has done its best to adorn this city with all those facilities that one can visualise in this world. With numerous shopping malls, flashy Dubai hotels, a dizzying range of dining choices and modish clubs and bars, everything is in access here. Thousands of peoples travel to Dubai each year just to enjoy this wonderful city. My travel team have short-listed these attractions that should not be missed at all in Dubai if you want to enjoy your trip.

1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a milestone that has made Dubai a distinctive city because this is the only Seven Star Hotel in the world. In order to have an entry in this hotel, there is a condition either to book a room or at least book a table at one of its pricy eateries. However, visitors can view it from outside and make memorable photographs.More…

Burj Al Arab

2. The Burj Khalifa

A greatest landmark of engineering work, The Burj Khalifa is a world’s tallest tower having 153 levels. Having a view outside from the observatory deck from the top floor would make you feel if you are viewing the whole planet. Inside the tower you will find offices, hotels, apartments and all other luxuries. Journey to the top gets you entertained with a multime-dia presentation Dubai history. Buying a ticket online in advance can save you upto 300 Dhs, so don’t miss it.

The Burj Khalifa

3. Palm Jumirah

The most daring of all megaprojects of Dubai is amazing collection of its domestic islands. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without having a view of Palm Jumirah (the palm Dubai) which is known to be the eighth wonder of the world. It provides you with everything that you need to have a wonderful holiday break. World famous Dubai hotels, astonishing tourist attrac-tions and luxury shopping malls have made this place a paradise on earth.

Palm Jumirah

4.Ski Dubai

Snow fall in a desert, an impossible thing have been made possible by Ski Dubai. It is an in-door resort, with hundreds of entertaining facilities. Fancy a skiing experience on an artificially built mountain with thrilling slopes. It is located beside the largest Dubai mall and is major focus of Dubai tours. You need not to carry special winter clothing or skiing equipment with you because Ski Dubai has already made all this stuff available for you.

Ski Dubai

5. Dubai Museum

A wonderful example of a desert fort, Dubai Museum is located in Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787, the oldest building in Dubai and once the residence of Dubai’s rulers.
A trip to Dubai cannot be complete without visiting this landmark because it reveals Dubai history with minimal fuss but plenty of charm. The fishing boats of old days and traditional lodgings placed in the courtyard of museum will take you back in olden times. How Dubai developed into a metropolitan from a tiny trading post can be known through a multimedia presentation offered in a room. Furthermore, you get a chance to know about the fishers who first established on the bank of Creek, the Bedu who struggled to earn their living and the date farmers who dared to irrigate this desert. Moreover, a mosque, a souq, a desrt camp, a school and many other things will narrate different stories about Dubai’s past.

Dubai Museum

6. Dubai Mall, Dubai

Housing 1200 stores, the Dubai Mall looks like another city inside Dubai. Once you enter here you lost in its attractions that do not end at all and all depend upon your pocket size. The list is long enough and includes among other lures indoor theme parks, 160 food outlets, Olympic size ice rink, the fashion catwalk and 22 screens cinema entertainment. The top world brands compete here to dazzle out one another and thus make the Dubai shopping experience more amazing.

Dubai Mall, Dubai

7. Deira Gold Souq

All that glitters is gold here in Deira Gold Souq, a largest gold market in Dubai. At a time over 25 tonnes of gold is on display in jewellery shops; the superb designs and remarkable dexterity is fun to see even without the intention to buy. A golden opportunity to express the value of your relationship through buying 22kt gold bangles, or a glorious ‘set’ comprised of earrings, necklace and bracelet for your beloved. So, hurry up, get Dubai flights and win your loved ones through a trip to Dubai.

Deira Gold Souq

8. 4×4 Dubai Desert Safari

Enjoy travel by 4×4 across the Dubai deserts on this exciting trip! Thrilling experience of sand boarding on the desert of Dubai, a camel ride and colourful tattoo will add to your ex-citement.
Furthermore, a delightful barbecue dinner under the Arabian stars and live folk and belly dance shows are all must-do experience during a trip to Dubai.

4×4 Dubai Desert Safari

Burj Al Arab – The Only Seven Star Hotel in the World

Nothing can fascinate you more than a visit to Burj Al Arab hotel, a landmark on the globe that dazzle out all other hotels in the world. Dubai hotels are famous worldwide and this seven star hotel is second to none. Along with a convoy of white Rolls Royces on the forecourt, dancing fountains in the lobby, and fireworks launch from the bridge, Burj Al Arab makes you realise from a distance that you are going to come across something really exceptional. The only possible way to get inside the hotel without paying for a room booking is booking a table at one of the hotel’s exorbitant eateries.

Burj Al Arab Room

Al Muntaha, on the top floor with its fabulous interior decoration work captures your attentions in such a way that you forget, for a while, everything outside the building; Al Mahara, a fish restaurant along with a large aquarium, makes your dining experience well cherished and Sahn Eddar restaurant with a symphony of classical sounds and soft torch lighting gives an awesome experience of afternoon tea. Above all Majlis Al Bahar, a restaurant along the sparkling coastline with enchanting views of the Arabian Gulf makes your mood more pleasant.