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Top Places to Enjoy a Drink in Sydney

In a city with such a wide variety of bars and restaurants, it can be difficult being a newcomer and not knowing where to start. Below are some of the best places you should visit, and thankfully all of them are situated right in the centre, so you won’t even have to travel far to get to them.




If you’re looking for something a little fancy, with a little pizazz, then try Eau-de-Vie, where amazing mixologists create some fantastic flavours that can only be sampled to be believed. Of course, there’s a list of the usual favourites, but why go somewhere new if you’re not going to try anything new? Take your pick from a quirkily named Connect Four or classic Cosmopolitan.


If you’re feeling adventurous and a little on the wild-side, then take a trip to the Absinthesalon. With a Parisian feel and theme, the bar is a brilliant place to try for a different experience. You can try a range of absinthe, twenty nine varieties in fact, some from Switzerland and some from France. Don’t expect any hallucinations however; this is all legal and if anything, will only get you a little tipsy, especially as it is a maximum of three drinks per person. So you’ll be responsible and have a great time!


Carrying on the fun-time theme, try Tio’sCerveceria for great styles of tequila. You can take your pick from over seventy types of tequila, all as fun as the next. You can also choose to have your spirit mixed into cocktails or long drinks, so don’t be put off by the initial taste. The surroundings are amazing and you’ll feel incredibly relaxed in the dull glow of the bar and its unique decorations.


Love, Tilly Devine, with its dainty name and sweet array of all things grape, is the perfect place for wine lovers to visit. Read the hefty menu by candlelight and choose from Chenin Blanc to Riesling. You can sample some of the more local wines or go international, depending on your tastes. Whatever you choose though is sure to satisfy and you might even want to take a case home with you.

Another brilliant bar for wine is 121 BC. Once again, with soft lighting and candles, the bar is perfect for romantic couples. This place is great for those looking for an Italian wine selection, a little out of the way from Sydney, granted, but still a brilliant place to enjoy some delicious food and a wonderful wine selection.


If all of the above are just a bit too sophisticated and high-brow for you, then take a trip to The Local Taphouse. This amazing bar is set up like an old-school tavern, with a wide array of beers to choose from. You can try local Australian or spread your wings a little and go for something a bit more exotic. Whatever you choose though, you certainly won’t be disappointed and you might find you’re a bit too overwhelmed by choice.

Secret Attractions of Cyprus

If there’s one place to see before you die, it’s certainly the island of Cyprus. Not only does this spectacular holidaying destination offer so much more than your usual tourist getaway, but situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the food is sublime and the climate is to die for. Millions of people holiday in Cyprus every year, and with an increase in British people looking to snap up property on the island, the country’s infrastructure has never been better.

From the vibrant town of Agia Napa to the sleepy villages of the south, there’s so much to see and do here that you won’t know where to start. Let’s take a look at some of the secret attractions of Cyprus on offer this summer.

Head For The Hills

One of the latest trends to spring up in Cyprus is agritourism, and this is where people choose to holiday in the mountains away from the big resorts on the beaches. If you’re looking for a quite break this summer, miles away from the nearest sound system or beach party, then there are plenty of things to do and places to stay in the Troodos Mountains.

As you lay back beneath the pine trees and cedars, the only sound you’ll hear is the chirping of the birds and the breeze in your hair. If you want to stretch your legs however, there are a variety of activities to try out, including cycling, sightseeing and even mountain climbing. Furthermore, don’t think you’ll have to pay more for this tranquillity – in some cases, it’s cheaper than staying in the all-inclusive resorts.

Experience A Beach Party

Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus, and more specifically Agia Napa, is known for its tourist party culture, and it’s completely understandable if you’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt. Because the beaches in Cyprus are so stunning, many of the pre-parties to the night’s main event are held on the shoreline, and they’re rarely as crowded as the main event either. From fire breathers and circus acts to live music and traditional dancing, you don’t have to mix in with the big bars and nightclubs to have a great time at a beach party.

Archaeological Wonders

Cyprus is a country full of ancient history, and one of the most exciting ways to experience this history first hand is to take a sight-seeing tour of the island. Ancient Kourin is known all over the Mediterranean as a cultural and archaeological hotspot in Cyprus, home to one of Europe’s only Greco-Roman amphitheatre. Although it has had various renovations since being discovered in 1962, it still stands tall on the cliff tops, and lays bare the wonderful and intricate floor mosaics inside.

Wine Tasting 

Some of the best wine in the Mediterranean originates from Cyprus, and the island has entire landscapes of vineries to experience. All across the Troodos Mountain are boutique wineries, where tourists can taste some of the island’s finest grapes, and even learn to bottle their own wine!

Top Ten London Attractions

London is one of the most visited cities of the world. This city has potential to satisfy all the tourists who come to this city with great but different expectations. London is well known for its attractions including historic buildings, great London Museums, stunning architecture, lavish London Markets, cultural variety and amazing glamour.

If your wallet is not supporting your wanderlust, you should not throw your thought away. You can manage your London trip in a low budget.  You must read How to Get Cheap Flights to London and How to Visit London with a Low Budget. Here is a list of top ten attractions of London.


 London Attractions

            1. London Eye

The London Eye is a huge Ferris wheel located on the banks of the River Thames in London, England. It has been attracting tourists largely since it has been installed because a 30 minutes ride gives tourists an unforgettable experience.


London Attractions

             2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been serving as the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837 and is a primary workplace of the British monarch. This grand palace is situated in the City of Westminster.


             3. River Thames

River Thames plays a vital role in enhancing the charm of London city. The river is specially decorated on special occasions. The tourists get attracted to river because it provides various leisure opportunities.


Tower Bridge - London Attractions

            4. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is an iconic symbol of London and a source of pride for Lenders. The special design has made the bridge very flexible to let the ships cross through it. The bridge has a great attraction for tourists.


National Gallery - London Attractions

             5. The National Gallery

The National Gallery is an art museum situated on Trafalgar Square, London. This gallery has large collection of paintings that has great attraction fro tourists.


Houses of Parliament- London Attractions

             6. The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament is also known as the Palace of Westminster and it is the seat of Britain’s two parliamentary houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The tourist cannot only visit it but also attend the parliamentarian session.


St Paul’s Cathedral- London Attractions               7. St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is a Church of England. This cathedral is a seat of the Bishop of London. This cathedral has a great history and therefore a great attraction for the tourists.


The O2 - London Attractions                8. The O2

The O2, is an enormous entertainment district on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London. It has a great indoor arena, a music club and a Cineworld cinema. The tourists have lot of attractions at this entertainment place.


Trafalgar Square - London Attractions

                9. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is situated at the centre of London. It has ever been a great attraction for the tourists. The open air performance of various novice artists largely entertains tourists.


westminster-abbey-london                 10. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a large Gothic church that preserves a history of 700 years. This building is situated to the west of the Palace of Westminster. Every year millions of visitors flock to this majestic building.


Best Pubs in England

1. The Prospect of Whitby, London

The Prospect of Whitby has been very popular as a former hangout spot for a princess and top list actors. Situated on the riverside, it excels in the list of top pubs in London. It was developed back in 1543. At night the view of this spot becomes more enchanting.

The Prospect of Whitby, London

The top building of Canary Wharf and the dancing waves of Thames makes the sitting in this pub more pleasant. Moreover, this spot is also attached with the memory of local Judge Jeffreys, aka the Hanging Judge.

2.The Inn at Whitewell, Lancashire

Along the River Hodder, seven miles have been dedicated to fishing. Here used to be an old deer keeper’s lodge that now has been converted to a homely northern country pub. It is surrounded by the rich green park and it offers a free view of gloomy hills from beyond. Along with an outdoor terrace and a private dining room this pub offers a beautiful place to spend time. In addition, the traditional set up of pub makes the dining here more fabulous.

The Inn At Whitewell, along river Hodder Lancashire

3. The Maltsters Arms, Devon

This pub is also situated on deep countryside on the banks of the Dart near Totnes and its dancing reflection can be seen in Bow Creek. All this looks like a beautifully coloured sailing boat tied from outside. It also has antique look inside the bar. An antique wooden bed placed here is so high that two little wooden boxes with carpeted tops have been kept to support each side and scramble them up. The wall paper is green and turquoise striped and gives an amazing look to the bar. Basically this place was once owned by Keith Floyd, a legendary, and it was considered as a heaven for sailors as well as local peoples here.

The Maltsters Arms, Devon

4. The Drunken Duck, Cumbria

Wedged between the Hawkshead, Ambleside and Old Man of Coniston, The Drunken Duck also called Double D has amazing views for all weathers. When the sun smiles down on Cumbria the Langdale Pikes can be viewed. During rain the walls of pub lined up with some sort of nostalgic art and provide a marvellous scene that becomes more fabulous in the presence of fire heating.

The Drunken Duck, Cumbria

5. The Square and Compass, Dorset

The Square and Compass, is situated to the east of Kimmeridge Bay in the Isle of Purbeck. This is also one of the fabulous pubs of England that makes an amazing spot to drink in the glory of Dorset’s Jurassic coast. The majestic views of glittering sea that peek through Puberk Hills becomes more splendid with a fresh drink. This bub has been run by a same family over a very long time. Therefore, the traditional taste of dishes that this family has preserved through struggle enhances the enjoyment of visitor. Apart from pub other amusements include onsite fossil museum and experimental live theatre performances in the evening. Moreover, in summer mini music festivals are held here that are also worth visiting.

The Square & Compass, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.

6. The White Horse, Norfolk

The White Horse Inn is magnificently situated on the marshland coastline of North Norfolk at Brancaster Staithe, a popular area of outstanding natural beauty, with its big blue smiling skies, outstanding sunsets and spacious space to breathe. The coastline is a enchanted area to explore with very romantic views across the tidal marshes and beautiful sandy beaches.
The area is ideally attractive for all sort of visitors like casual walkers, sailors, golfers, cyclists, birdwatchers and dog owners. The holidaymakers and families can enjoy fun here.

The White Horse Brancaster Staithe Norfolk

7. The Mariners Rock, Cornwall

The Mariners Rock is a very fabulous pub situated on the north bank of Camel River opposite to padstow. The most wonderful time to reach here is just before dusk when sun begins to hide itself in sky and sends night starts to appear. With a pint of Sharps Doombar this scene becomes more interesting. However, some tasty dishes of freshly caught fish are also available at the restaurant. Eating this meal looking at the dancing waves of water gives an amazing experience.

The Best Hotels in London

This fact cannot be denied that travelling experience to a new location depends a lot on the type of hotel you stay. Moreover, accommodation must be worth of the money that you spend on it. Otherwise, it adds to worries when you do not know where to find a best accommodation. Relax; I am going to take your worries away by telling you the best hotels to stay in London.

1. Hotel 41 London

A prestigious 5 start hotel located just opposite of Royal Mathew and behind the Buckingham Palace is a best place to stay especially of you reach London to visit the royal family. Though it will cost you $516 to $1,353 a day but experience would be wonderful.

Hotel 41

2. The Milestone, London

Another grand 5 star hotel located in the centre of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has ability to make your stay more relaxed and charming. It will cost you around from $516 up to $1353 a day but the ambience you feel experience here would be unforgettable.

3. Egerton House Hotel, London

Egerton House Hotel Located in the vicinity of great shopping malls in the centre of Knightsbridge, Egerton House Hotel is a good place to stay if you love for shopping. Spending $490- $1,186, you can get a home feeling stay in this remarkably designed hotel.

4. Corinthia Hotel, London

This is another spectacular hotel located near Trafalgar Square and Westminster. The moment you enter in this hotel you get a royal feeling. With a cutting edge modern design, vast lobbies and quite high ceilings, this hotel offers a better choice to stay. Moreover, the total cost ranges from $608- $1,619 and it is not expensive with the given facilities.

Corinthia Hotel London

5. The Levin in London

This is another great hotel located in the centre of Knightsbridge. My three day stay during last winter was a delightful experience. The morning becomes more beautiful when you view outside from the balcony with a cup of coffee in your hand. Within a range of $446- $624 a day, this hotel does not look expensive given the sort of lovely experience you enjoy here.

The Levin in London

6. The Soho Hotel, London

Having 91 uniquely designed rooms this is one the most stunning hotels in London. It is located at around 5 minute walk from the Oxford Street. It is equipped with all range of facilities especially a beautiful gym. You need to have $469 to $1,865 in your pocket to stay in this grand hotel.

The Soho Hotel

7. Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

This hotel has been rebuilt last year and now it offers a good accommodation within the budget of around $629- $1,838. This hotel is located in the centre of Mayfair and surrounded by greenery. Moreover, it is equipped with a wonderful spa facility that will help you wipe out your stress if you experience it after all day travel around the city.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Top 10 London Markets

London markets offer almost everything range from clothes to curios, tasty food to flowers, modern art to antique products. These markets attract customers through out the world. The quality of shopping is its most remarkable thing that is cause of attractio for worldwide customers. Moreover, the strength of its currency brings in all sorts of commodities. Themost popular markets among bigger markets are Spitalfields, Camden Market or Portobello Road. These markets are best for shopping for vistors who comes here for a short time and search for bargains. Moreover, Greenwich is popular for variety of gifts as well as local designers. In addition, Borough Market is London’s most well-known food market; a source of outstanding British and international produce that is best for tourists for a quick bite.

1. Borough Market

Borough Market in London

Borough Market is gourmet’s paradise in London. It offer a wide variety of fresh produce including fresh fruit, vegetables and all kinds of meat, and condiments, delicious bakery items and yummy street food.
Borough Market is well known for lunch or grocery shopping. There’s also available a wide selection of high-quality ingredients and generous treats.

2. Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market comprise of several streets situated in the Brick Lane area. All sort of junks and jems are on offer in this market. You can also find some economical second-hand furniture shops, a variety of shoes shops. Moreover, there are also different stalls that sell foreign spices and colourful attractive saris.
Even though the shops are restaurants are open on every day but Sunday is best day to shop aroud this market because on Sunday people come here to sell their second hand wares and some other stuff. The good bargains can be found if one serch for carefully.
Even though the shops are restaurants are open on every day but Sunday is best day to shop aroud this market because on Sunday people come here to sell their second hand wares and some other stuff. The good bargains can be found if one serch for carefully.

3. Camden Market

Camden Market London

This market is situated in the Camden down that is the hub of entertainment. This market was estalished as the craft market by the canal. However, over the time it spread over a wide spectrum for variety of items espeically sale items.
Here you can also find one-off pieces of art, food as well as furnishings. On week ends the number of stalls incereses and offer all sort of trading. There is also an indoor fashion market at the Elecric Ballroom that is open only on Sundays.

4. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road has been a market since the 1800s but became particularly famous for its antiques in the 1950s. Now there are numerous stalls offering everything from fruit and bread to posters, clothes, music and, of course, loads of antiques!

Portobello Road Market is a popular market in London that started in 1800s but became a hub for antiques in the 1950s. However, currently all sort of items including fruit, posters, clothing, and music etc. Still aniques are available in a wide variety.

5. Columbia Road Flowers

Columbia Road Flowers

Anyone who loves nature and fond of greenry should make a stop here for variey of plants, shrubs, bulbs and trees. This street that has become colourful because of beautiful flowers is a must see market.
Moreover, one can also find gardening accessories along with gorgeous cut-flowers on offer here available in the surrounding shops

6. Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market, Victorian market halls

Old Spitalfields Market is situated at a short walk from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations.Old Spitalfields Market is a place where you can dine with style, look around the antique market, buy exclusive designer clothes and moreover relax with a glass of very well wine watching the fuss of the City that pass you by.
There are a variety of cool bars and clubs of Shoreditch that are just up the road side. Easy to find, Old Spitalfields Market is a short walk from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations.

7. Broadway Market

Broadway Market

Broadway market is situated in Hackney and it sells a wide range of an electix mic of things that reach here in this market from the local farmers, artists and craftspeople.
These goods temp customers in such a way that they love to visit this market very often, this is the one of reaon of hustle and bustle here. You can find readmade clothes, delicious food, furniture as well as lighting stuff.

8. Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market London

Greenwich Market offer beautiful products from various designers and small cottage industries. Original artworks and handcrafted toys are available in best stuff here. Weekends are often busiest here and there are usually more than 150 stalls on weekends that sell an attractive range of jewellery producs, pictures, clothing stuff and accessories.
Local people place there stall here of delicious food and various cultural tasty eatables.

9. Covent Garden London

Covent Garden London

Covent Garden London market is situated at the heart of the Covent Garden piazza. It was designed in 1632 by Inigo Jones and now it has become so popular that it is visited by 30 million tourists each year. Its large glass covered building consists of several arcades of fashionable boutiques, bars, cafés and an artistic selection of crafts.

Here toourists can get them entertained through open piazza jugglers, mime artists, variety of acts and musicians’ arts.
10. Petticoat Lane Market

East London Markets. Petticoat Lane Market

Petticoat Lane Market is a fashion market that is located on Wentworth Street and Middlesex Street in the East London. It is also popular for clothing stuff and household goods.
Having been established first time in 1936, it is also regarded as one of the oldest markets in London. This market opens on all week days and on weekends it extends to the surronding streets where various goods stalls are placed by local trades.

Budget Hotels in London

London is a biggest city that has so much interesting things to visit for its travellers. A factor that makes a traveller happy after getting a cheap flight to London is awareness about Budget Hotels to stay in London. The selection of hotel would be appropriate only if has worth to the money a traveller spends on it.

However, it always becomes difficult for travellers to find budget hotels with better accommodation facilities because one can only know about the worth of a budget hotel after he spends his time there. A bad experience about accommodation can spoil the whole trip. Give a smile; we have solved this issue for you and have finalised a few Budget hotel accommodations for our readers after a thorough scrutiny.

1. Avo Hotel, Hackney

Located at the five-minute walk from the glossy Dalston Overground station, this is one of the budget hotels in London that offers a good choice with a budget of £79. It is owned by a family with Indian roots who really care for their customers. The rooms are furnished to a high standard and one feels comfortable spending night here. Though there is no restaurant available in its locality, yet many dining options are accessible.

Avo Hotel, Hackney – Budget Hotels in London

2. Jesmond Hotel

Jesmond Hotel with its traditional touch is a good choice in a cost of £80 per night. This budget hotel is basically a family owned business who converted a traditional building, built in 1700, into hotel accommodation in 1979. Not only the rooms are quite cosy but a charming English Garden is also very impressive.

Jesmond Hotel – Budget Hotels in London,

3. Shoreditch Rooms, Shoreditch House

London’s Shoreditch is another wonderful choice in London in Budget Hotels category with £85 per night because not only its rooms are comfortable but its offer of club, spa and rooftop pool is also exciting. Its king size beds, rain forest showers and paintings makes the ambience memorable. It is located at the walking distance of Liverpool Street.

Shoreditch Rooms, Shoreditch House – Budget Hotels in London

4. B & B Belgravia

This is another budget hotel preference that is perfectly located at 15 minuteswalk from Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Rooms are simply furnished with comfortable bed, a desk and chair and shower. One thing to notice that being B &B it does not offer hotel service; however, polite staff here is always willing to serve you with a smile. In nutshell, though its atmosphere is not very cosiest but its fine location and lower charges of £99 per night have made it an attractive place to stay for tourists.

B&B Belgravia – Budget Hotels in London

5. The Tune, Elephant and Castle

The Tune, Elephant and Castle is a best choice with a very reasonable charges of only £35 per night. This is basically Malaysian no-frills hotel chain and it has been very attractive among tourists since it opened in 2010. It is located opposite to Lambeth North tube thus have excellent restaurants and cafes in its vicinity. Rooms are comfortable and furnished with all basic facilities. Moreover wireless is also available but you will have to pay few quids extra for it.

The Tune – Budget Hotels in London

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Making the Most of a Weekend in UK Cornwall

Cornwall has always been a most charming holiday destination and a first choice of smart holidaymakers who are attracted by it stunning scenery and relaxed atmosphere.

Transportation to Cornwall is easily available and the easiest way to get at Cornwall is by train, though you can also reach here by car.

There are lots of good places to stay that ranges from B&Bs in Falmouth, to holiday cottages in Port Isaac. Moreover, the designer hotels in Fowey, and luxury Polzeath cottages are also good choices. And thus all sort of accommodation is available here.

Southwest Coast Path, Polperro, Cornwall, England

Holidays in Cornwall become most memorable if surfing is enjoyed here. The boards and wetsuits can be hired from one of the many shops along the coast, or alternatively you can sign up with a surf school. The school not only provides all sports stuff but also training.

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Fistral beach in Newquay is a worthy point to head for, and if you are going to surf first time then you need not to worry because there will be lot of other beginners with you. However it is always better to accompany with a trainer.

Kynance Cove, Cornwall, England

Arts & Culture
Tate St Ives, Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden are the places that you must visit if you have curiosity about arts and culture. Both of these art galleries are close to one another and must be seen if you are in the area. The Tate is home to a wonderful art collection including paintings, sculpture and ceramics. Moreover, you can also enjoy exhibitions and get a taste for Cornish culture especially if you visit it on your weekend.

Lunch Spots
The best spot to have a lunch is at Rick Steins Cornish Arms, in St Merryn that is located just outside Padstow. It is basically a traditional British Pub that offers food with a taste of home cooked food prepared from the ingredients from local area. The Crab Salad is the most delicious item that you should not miss at all.

Apart from this the Ploughman’s lunch is also good as it is available along with a selection of yummy Cornish cheeses.

Cornwall has a huge assortment of attractions that will force you to be here again and again once you visit this place.

Lizard Point, Cornwall

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River Thames- London

River Thames -London Attractions

River Thames – London Attractions

River Thames – There are a few rivers in the world that have enhanced the beauty of a metropolitan in such a way as The Thames has done in London. Having a boat trip in the Thames is one of the best things to do in London. The moments become very enticing when you boat in front of the House of Parliament.

Eating a four course meal with the live songs from top West End musicians while boating in front of other London attractions- House of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and tower Bridge make the moments unforgettable.

Where is River Thames – London Attractions

The Lake District – A destination for weekend breaks in UK

The Lake District also known as The Lakes, is a glorious mountainous region in North West England. It is a well popular holiday destination; its popularity is not only for its fascinating lakes, forests and mountains but also for its connection with the early 19th century poetry. During 19th century, the renowned poets like William Wordsworth and Gray described beauty of Lake District in their poems. One fact cannot be denied that a visitor who is prepared to walk around here finds this unsuspected paradise the most beautiful and peaceful place.

The youngest Lake District rock is almost 440 million years old and it forms a gentler landscape that surrounds Windermere. The Lake is basically the product of Ice Age that gave rise to U-shaped valleys when countless glaciers advanced and retreated. Thus it further formed the deep incised lake beds.

Ambleside, The Lake District

Ambleside is a small beautiful town and it is located at the northern end of Lake Windermere. It is very popular among tourists and hikers. There are many shops in this town and from these shops you can buy all sort of stuff like boots, emergency raingear and sleeping bags etc. In addition, hotels and cottages in Windermere are comfy and available on reasonable rates.


Angle Tarn, The Lake District

Description about Lake District is incomplete without mentioning Angle Tarn that is considered to be the loveliest of all Lakeland tarns because it has something more than its wilderness, isolation and scenic magnificence common to most lakes. Its shoreline is deeply indented which gives it a very individual beauty and two small islands standing far out water that is filled with trout and make the scenery around it perfectly.

From the upper side the peaks are called Angletarn Pikes and the nearby view from here is very splendid. This area is basically the part of the Martindale deer forest and herds of red deer sometimes can be seen watering at the tarn. For accommodation you can easily find holiday cottages in the Lake District.

Angle Tarn

There are many routs to the lake and one the prettiest is from dale Head Farm in Bannerdale.

How do you get to Angle Tarn, The Lake District

Patterdale is on A592 that is ½ mile from the southern end of Ullswater. Bannerdale can be accessed by following the minor road from Pooley Bridge (on the B5320 at the northern end of Ullswater) to Howtown. Beyond the top of the col, or house the road drops steeply to House Farm. From here the left turn leads to Dale Head Farm besides Bannerdale Beck.

Aira Force, The Lake District

The waterfall is one of the Lake District most romantic places where a shining silver stream of water stumbling some 70ft between luminous, precipitous wall of rock. Aira Beck that raises high in the wilderness of Matterdale Common, marks its last sensational gesture before falling into Ullswater.

A gate from car park and the foot of Aira Beck leads into a field, and from the right of the field a stile leads into the woods and over a foot-bridge across the beck. The path trails the beck up through the woods that are a charming a mixture of oak, alder, willow and beech.

Nature waterfall Aira Force

Aira Force and A Love Story

Aira Force is said to be the scene of a tragedy of love. Emma, its heroine would live in the nearby Lyulph Toer, and love a knight called Sir Eglamore. One day he left her for some reason and in despair she took to sleep-walking alongside Aira Force. It was the place where they had first encounter. One night Sir Eglamore came back and found Emma at the waterfall; but when he called her name she got up suddenly and fell to her death in the bubbling waters. The grieving knight became a recluse, and spent rest of his life at the same spot where she had died.
The Aira Force car park is just near shore of Ullswater that is a few yards north of the A592 and A5091 junction.

Aira Force waterfall

Borrowdale & Buttermere Valleys, The Lake District

Edged in by wooded fells, flat fields and sharp granite peaks, and scattered with the kind of far-flung farmhouses and solid cottages that beautify many a Lakeland postcard, the valleys of Borrowdale and Buttermere are several peopl idea of the typical Lake District countryside. These twin valleys are immensely popular among walkers and hikers, with a lot of walking tracks and easy access to some of the district highest peaks.

Borrowdale is spread over 6 miles from the western brink of Derwent Water to Honister Pass. Buttermere is spread to northwest from Honister Pass along the coasts of Buttermere Lake and Crummock Water to Cockermouth.

Borrowdale & Buttermere Valleys

Buckingham Palace – London

London Attractions

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the top London attractions. It has been used as the official London residence for Britain’s sovereigns since 1837. It is now used as administrative headquarters of the Monarch.

Although this palace is used for the many official events and gatherings held by The Queen, the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace are open for visitors every year.

Buckingham Palace has total 775 rooms and out of these 19 rooms is very lavishly furnished. These rooms contain the art work of very renowned artists like Rembrandt, van Dyck, Canaletto, Poussin and Vermeer.

The visitors are allowed a two-hour tour that includes the visit of Throne Room and few other rooms. Visitors have to buy tickets that have time limits and admission to palace is allowed after every 15 minutes. When you buy a ticket, an audio guide is also handed that explain the various parts of palace along with their historic importance. A Royal Day Out is a joint ticket that includes visit to the State Rooms, Queen Gallery and Royal Mews. For an adult, ticket costs £31.95 and for a child it is £18.20.

Guard changing ceremony is held at 11:30am daily from May to July. In this ceremony, the old guard comes off duty and are replaced by the new guard. This ceremony though not one of top London attractions but it is very popular ceremony that lasts for about half an hour. If you visit here in November, the official parade leaving the palace for the State Opening of Parliament is very exciting.

There is a fabulous gallery know as Queen Gallery. Entering in this gallery a visitor gets absorbed in its grand design  developed by John Nash. The gallery holds remarkable treasures in the showcases on a rotating basis. Entrance to this gallery is through Buckingham Gate.

Royal Mews is a stable that looks after royal horses and also holds grand vehicle that are used for the royal family. Visitors get mesmerised by the Gold Coach of 1762 as well as the Glass Coach of 1910. These vehicles remarkably decorated and used by Prince William and Catherine Middleton during their wedding ceremony.

List of London attractions is incomplete without mentioning Buckingham Palace; therefore, do not miss it at all.

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One Day Walk in Kinder Scout Peak District National Park England

The moorland plateau of Kinder Scout is situated at almost at the height of 2,088 ft and it is the highest point of the Peak District National Park. It is smooth, bleak, featureless, and faintly dreadful and its threatening solitudes are quite unforgettable.
It is shaped like a starfish, with the legs plunging out between steep stony valleys; the plateau is a wasteland of peat intersected by hundreds of groughs, or natural drainage conduits. These can be quite deep, for the peat is dense, having been 8000 years in forming and in winter when the groughs are filled with snow, they develop into traps that can be fatal to unwary. Also, in hot summers, the peat dries out to yield a dust that creates thirsts of huge proportions.

Walking trail Kinder Scout

However, if this site still attracts you and if you are a true lover of wild places it will- it might be better to evade interior of plateau and take instead the well-defined gritty paths that trace its outside boundary. Here the wind is always fresh that carries with it the tang of heather and bilberry and sweet voices of birds. In summer, especially in May and June it sets the myriad white heads of cotton – grass a-dancing, making it easy to see why so many upland Pennine areas have been named ‘Featherless Moss’. You can reach the summit of Kinder by many ways; from the A57, where path about half a mile south east of the snake Inn crosses Woodlands Valley and climbs up Fairbrook Naze to the northern edges; or from Edale along the early stretches of the Pennine way that begins at The Nag’s Head. Both are outstanding routs among the number of others equally good, but whichever ways you approach Kinder all paths seem in the end to lead to Kinder Downfall on the Western Edge. Here the Kinder River makes a spectacular 100 ft. plunge- except when a gale blows, and throws back the falling waters in a great cloud of rainbow tinted spray.

moorland plateau of Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is a wild and fascinated place but treat it with respect especially in winter. The perimeter walk is 17 miles around, and most of it is really tough going requiring proper equipment and reasonable standard of physical fitness. If you have doubts about either, view the place instead from, say Mam Tor; better than that find yourself exhausted and stranded nightfall miles away from shelter.
Kinder Scout can be accessed from the A57 or from the Hayfield, Edale and many other points. There is also National Park Information Centre in Edale where details about routs and weather conditions can be obtained.

Kinder Scout

How to get there By car
From Manchester take the A57 east; then stay on it till it turns into the M67 and then back into A57. When you reach at the edges of the Peak District then turn on to the A6016 and then head south on A624. You will find the Grouse Inn along here, between Glossop and Hayfield.
By public transport
The nearest railway station is New Mills and from there you can take 61 bus that goes past the Grouse Inn.

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