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What To Do in Budapest

With a perfect natural setting spanning the River Danube, striking architecture and appetizing Magyar cuisine, Budapest is one of the most gratifying cities in Europe. What To Do in Budapest – a list is long enough. Its splendid waterfront and boulevards invite comparisons with Paris, Vienna and Prague as do many attributes of its cultural aspects, ranging from coffee houses, bath parties and a love of opera to its wine-producing practice. In addition, hotels in Budapest are cosy as well as affordable.

1. Castle Hill, Budapest

What To Do in Budapest if you have hunger to explore history? Start your tour from Castle Hill and explore further Castle Hill Budapest Top Tourist Attractions. Castle Hill is stretched on one Km long area along Danube River and contains Budapest’s most significant primitive monuments and museums.

Castle Hill Budapest - What To Do in Budapest

Castle Hill Budapest – What To Do in Budapest

2. Heroes’ square, Budapest

Located at the entrance to the City Park, Budapest’s Heroes’ Square is a landmark built in the honour of the great historical leaders of Hungary. It attracts more visitors than any other site in Budapest.

Heroes’ square - What To Do in Budapest

Heroes’ square – What To Do in Budapest

The central showpiece of the square is the Millennium Monument, built in 1896 to memorialise the 1000th anniversary of the Magyar defeat. Moving up to monument you will come across another landmark, Millennial Column with a statue of the Archangel Gabriel at its top.

3. Church of Our Lady, Budapest

It is really hard to move around Castle District without having a glimpse of twin towers of Church of Our Lady. These towers with a height of 122.3 meters are known to be the second tallest brick work of world. This fabulous construction was completed in 13th century.

Church of Our Lady - What To Do in Budapest

Church of Our Lady – What To Do in Budapest

4. Parliament House, Budapest

In Budapest one thing that you must not miss at all is visit to spectacular Parliament House, home of the Holy Hungarian Crown. Spread on 12 miles (20km) on the bank of the Danube, it is the largest building of the city. Though it is hard to visit all its 691 rooms; however, the eye catching architectural work of Session Room and the impressive Great Vaulted Hall cannot be overlooked.
Adorned with white neo-gothic towers and arches, the Budapest Parliament is one of the city’s most excellent landmarks.

Parliament House - What To Do in Budapest

Parliament House – What To Do in Budapest

5. Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest

Built in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style, Fisherman’s Bastion is a terrace located on the bank of Danube River. Its beautiful seven towers symbolize the seven Magyar tribes arrived to the Carpathian Basin in 896. From the towers and terrace wonderful views of Danube, Margaret Island, Pest and the Gellért Hill can be captured.

Fisherman's Bastion - What To Do in Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion – What To Do in Budapest

6. House of Terror, Budapest

With a striking focus on the crimes and carnages of Hungary’s fascist and Stalinist rules, House of Terror is an astonishing museum to visit. The building in which it is located was used as the headquarters of the ÁVH secret police who would interrogate activists of opponent political parties using cruel ways.

House of Terror - What To Do in Budapest

House of Terror – What To Do in Budapest

7. Basilica of St Stephen, Budapest

Basilica of St Stephen is a neoclassical cathedral of Budapest and interesting thing is its construction work that continued for almost half a century and finally completed in 1905. However, a wild storm in 1968 destroyed its most beautiful dome.

Basilica of St Stephen - What To Do in Budapest

Basilica of St Stephen – What To Do in Budapest

The worth viewing attraction inside the cathedral is the Holy Right, the mummified right hand of St Stephen in the reliquary. It is hard to stay longer inside Basilica because of gloomy darkness; however, moving towards the top of dome offers one of the best views of Budapest city.

8. Hospital in the Rock, Budapest

Containing original medical equipment and 70 wax figures, this attraction has been opened recently in the Castle Hill caves network. One hour guided tour of long walk here expose very wonderful features of cold war era.

Hospital in the Rock - What To Do in Budapest

Hospital in the Rock – What To Do in Budapest

9. Budapest Baths, Budapest

What To Do in Budapest if you get fatigued? Head towards Budapest Baths and Spas – Top 5.
Budapest has been blessed with numerous thermal springs that have a healing quality. Right in the centre of city you can find amazing baths which makes Budapest nightlife more charming with the offer of colourful bath parties. Such parties are a real fun that continued till 3:00 am.

Budapest Baths - What To Do in Budapest

Budapest Baths – What To Do in Budapest

Moreover, drinking cure and medical treatment with the use of thermal water that is rich in minerals is also available.

10. Margit-sziget, Budapest

What To Do in Budapest if you want serenity away from flocks of tourists? Head towards Margit-sziget.
A comfortable zone where you can go for swimming and jogging or you can enjoy a picnic on the green grass thorough the day and spend night in parties at splendid bars. In fact, this grassy island has been a very favourite meeting spot for lovers since the nineteenth century; there is a popular saying that “love begins and ends on Margit-sziget”.

Margit-sziget - What To Do in Budapest

Margit-sziget – What To Do in Budapest

What To Do in Budapest – Map

Explore Budapest further using map.

Castle Hill Budapest Top Tourist Attraction

Castle Hill, a 1 km area that offers most fabulous views is located on the western bank of the River Danube. Containing the most important medieval monuments, it has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It contains the following monuments:

Castle Hill Budapest

Royal palace on Castle Hill Budapest

Hungarian Royal Family used this palace as an official residence and nowadays it is a focus of attraction for visitors because of museum and art galleries that are housed by this palace.

Buda Castle labyrinth

Comprising of a long tunnel under the castle this site is a wonderful place to visit especially for adventurous people.

Buda Castle labyrinth

Magdalene tower on Castle Hill Budapest

A last remaining of a huge structure, Magdalene tower has 163 steps that take you at the top and offers one of the fantastic views of Budapest.

Magdalene tower on Castle Hill Budapest

Tomb of Abdur-Rahman on Castle Hill Budapest

Another attractive sight, Tomb of Abdur-Rahman takes one back to 17th century when last Ottoman governor of Budapest died defending his city.

Tomb of Abdur-Rahman on Castle Hill Budapest

Budapest Baths and Spas – Top 5

Human, indeed, has ornamented Budapest with the splendid buildings, the top attractions, but nature has not left behind in its contribution to adorn this city and bestowed 100 thermal springs to this city to make it more charming. The thermal water from these springs has the healing quality and takes all fatigue away if one have a bath here.

Budapest city breaks are not less than Paris or Prague. Here you can make your evenings amazing and nights unforgettable participating in the bath parties that are organised at these thermal baths. Join in the midnight show called ‘Night of Baths’ and enjoy variety of Concerts, DJs, music and dance. Such programs start at 10 pm and continued until 3:00 am in the morning. Following are the top five thermal baths where you can have a wonderful experience.

1. Széchenyi Baths

One of Europe’s largest public baths, Széchenyi Baths is located in the City Park. Taking a bath here is not only an amusing experience but medicinal effects of thermal water gives a soothing effect to whole body. It has 18 pools out of which 15 are fed through thermal water from spring.

zéchenyi Baths

2. Gellért Baths

Built in Art Nouveau style, the Gellért Baths are the most elegant baths in Budapest. If you love photography then this site will provide you a wonderful opportunity to have some fantastic photographs.

Gellért Baths

3. Rudas Baths

One of the oldest thermal baths in Budapest, Rudas Baths were built in 16th century. Apart from the bathing facility its building, Turkish dome and octagonal pool, makes it a wonderful place to visit.

Rudas Baths

4. Király Baths

Built by Turkish soon after their occupation of Hungary, Király Baths is a comparatively small size bath. The traditional octagonal roof makes this bath more beautiful.

Király Baths

5. Lukács Baths
A bath that remained most popular among local peoples of Budapest since it was built in 1894 is Lukács Baths. This bath has also been additionally facilitated with a drinking cure hall and a daytime hospital.

Lukacs Baths

Admission fee:

Admission is HUF 3,490 if you are active enough to purchase in advance; however, price gets increased to HUF 3,990 if you purchase ticket on the day of the event. One time ticket allows you multi-entry privilege.

Hotels in Budapest are pleasingly affordable and therefore you must make a trip here and enjoy Budapest city breaks.