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Sightseeing in Berlin

The experience of hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour of Berlin that also include admission to a Berlin zoo is absolutely unforgettable. Buy a 48-hour ticket and get on a double decker bus that would let you hop on and hop off as many times as you want and see Berlin’s top attractions like Berliner Dom, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Pergamon Museum.

Moreover, Berlin Zoo is the most attractive site if you happen to have kids with you. Kids get entertained by the naughty monkeys, angry gorillas and innocent pandas. There is also an aquarium where you can enjoy the demonstrations of stingrays and sharks. There are almost 14,000 animals in this zoo. There is also an option of the Tier park Berlin if you not want to visit zoo. In Tier Park one can see snakes, pelicans and camels in their natural habitat.

Berlin Zoo

This combo tour does not end here rather the open double decker bus takes you to 20 different stops. It is upto you how you enjoy this travel around the city. You can hop off at any site that catches your attraction more and then hop on to enjoy the Berlin sites sitting on open double decker bus. During my visit to Berlin in 2011, I enjoyed this City Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour very much. I hop off near shopping mall and did a wonderful shopping for my girlfriend and myself.

It is 3-5 hours continuous rout around the Berlin city if you opt not to hop off and like to enjoy complete city overview in one sitting. Whichever way of sightseeing you chose through this double decker bus, you will definitely enjoy it.

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Things To Do In Germany

Things to do in Germany

Things to do in Germany

Travel to Germany if you want to know about Europe. There is no doubt in this quote because Germany with its location in the centre of continent is the most European among all its counterparts. It is an economic and political hub and has the most impact on the world. There are many fabulous places to visit in Europe and Germany with its splendid attractions is one of them. What are the special things to do in Germany have been briefly explained in this article.

1. Reichstag, Germany

The Reichstag building in Berlin is a historical landmark that was constructed in 1894. The German parliament, the Bundestag, has been housed in this building in 1999 and since then parliament has been formulating policies from this edifice. A spectacular large glass dome at the very top of the Reichstag gives a beautiful view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape.

Reichstag - Things to do in Germany


The building has been facilitated with a lift for the tourists. There is usually a long queue of tourists waiting anxiously for their turn to take a lift ride to top; however, such queues are shortest during morning and at night.

2. DDR Museum, Germany

The DDR Museum is an attraction in the centre of Berlin opposite to cathedral. It provides a wonderful experience of the daily life in Germany through exhibitions.  It is really interesting to know that how the East German kids were collectively trained for potty and how the inhabitants enjoyed their holidays in Germany. With respect of cultural information this museum is one of the interesting things to do in Germany.

DDR Museum - Things to do in Germany

DDR Museum – Things to do in Germany

3. Kölner Dom, Germany

The Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom, is a magnificent attraction as a perfect example of Gothic construction. Its huge size is a gigantic along with the pair of towers that has dominated the city view. When I visited it in 2011, I found it jam packed with visitors. Its loftiness and gracious ambience had long effect on its visitors.

Kolner Dom - Things to do in Germany

Kolner Dom – Things to do in Germany

4. The Berlin Wall, Germany

The Berlin Wall, the blooming symbol of cold war that not only divided the city but also the world. The tourist guide here describes the interesting story of how East Germany separated from the West Germany. The Berlin Wall construction stated in 1961 and accomplished in 1989. The pebble of Berlin Wall can be bought as a souvenir that will remind you holidays in Germany. For tourists visiting the Berlin Wall is always one of the  foremost things to do in Germany.

The Berlin Wall - Things to do in Germany

The Berlin Wall

5. Brandenburg Gate, Germany

Brandenburg Gate, a historical landmark, is the only remaining of series of gates through which Berlin made its entry. The interesting thing is that its gracious design has remained unchanged even though it has played different political roles in German history.

Brandenburg Gate - Things to do in Germany

Brandenburg Gate 

6. Museum Island, Germany

This is an island of museums because it house five Berlin state museums including The Old Museum, The Bode Museum, The New Museum, The Old National Gallery, and The Pergamon Museum. This site also becomes one of the top things to do in Germany because it is included in the World Heritage Sites.

Museum Island - Things to do in Germany

Museum Island – Things to do in Germany

7. Linderhof Castle, Germany

Linderhof Castle is the smallest castle among three royal castles here and it was built by King Ludwig II during the 19th century to use it as a hunting lodge. It has been built in French Rococo style and can be visited in two hours.

Linderhof Castle - Things to do in Germany

Linderhof Castle – Things to do in Germany

8. Bonn, Germany

Bonn is a historical city located on the bank of the Rhine River. It remained the capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990. It remained a hub of political activities long after Berlin was announced to be capital. It attracts a huge number of tourists each year.


9. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, Germany

Built in 1933, Dachau was used as prison by Nazi and it was filled with political prisoners, Jews, homosexuals and all those people that were unacceptable in the eyes of Nazi. Victors are shown an English documentary that reveals all of historical aspects of this building.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

10. Berlin Zoo, Germany

It is one of the largest Zoos of Europe that have housed around 14,000 animals. Here you can enjoy variety of entertainments including shark demonstration in a large aquarium and beautiful snakes in the Tier Park. You will have to spare one whole day to visit this zoo thoroughly; however, it can be visited during Sightseeing In Berlin.

Berlin Zoo

.One last important suggestion is to get Safety and Security Advice  before travelling to Germany.