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Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

The economic downturn of last few years has reduced the purchasing power of people and therefore, cheap vacations have become priority of tourists especially for Europe trips.

After a thorough research we have short listed a few European countries as cheapest travel destinations of Europe  where holidays can be enjoyed in a low budget.


With its long sandy Black Sea Coast, that holds strips of seductive sunny beaches and striking bays, Bulgaria is a best holiday spot in a budget trip. This majestic country has a long list of attractions that have been untouched and unvisited by foreign tourists. Hiking trails and horse-riding routes along the lavish mountainous of Rila and Pirin with lovely wildlife are hard to find elsewhere in Europe.

Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe -Bulgaria

A Golf Course  in Bulgaria

Cheap but efficient public transport between cities takes you to remote counties where old traditions of Balkan culture are flourishing with a pride.

If you fancy relishing the urban life then come to cosmopolitan Sofia where gorgeous parks, lavish bars and absorbing museums will welcome you. In addition, hotels in Bulgaria are pleasingly cheap in comparison with those in Western Europe. In order to get practical travel information on money and costs in Bulgaria click here.


Have a trip to Lithuania and explore its colourful history, a country once enjoyed an empire extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Moreover, it is the first Baltic state that won its freedom from Moscow and stirred a change that ultimately collapsed the Soviet Union.

The capital Vilnius, with its mended passages and ornamental churches, is no doubt the most architecturally attractive of all the Baltic capitals. Moreover, Vilnius is little in size and it can be easily explored in a budget trip. Lithuanian women in villages with well-kept traditions offer folk dance to inspire its visitors. In addition, lower rates of hotels and restaurants in Lithuania make it one of cheap vacations sites.

Lithuania - Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe


Having its roots back in first millennium, Poland is another alluring country to travel on budget. Housing former Jewish centres such as Łódź and Lublin, it is rich in Jewish heritage.

Visit its lingering ruins and the medieval castles including fantastic red-brick fortresses of the Teutonic Knights in the north along the Vistula. In addition, the first royal capital of Kraków is a wonder of architecture with its well-kept Gothic core and layers of Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau. Further, the stylish life of Warsaw is another attraction.

Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe- Poland

Teutonic Castle in Malbork – Poland

Spending holidays in Poland would become an incredible experience if you love home cooked food since Polish restaurants especially in Krakow offer delicious food based on local ingredients such as, mushroom, cabbage, beetroot and onion. In order to travel to Poland cheap vacation packages can be easily found. However, if you want to visit on your own, hotels in Poland are comparatively cheap.


With a mixture of glamour and well-kept traditions, Croatia offers the best places to visit in Europe. It is a place where beaches and sunshine compete for attention. The gorgeous coastline along with serene mountains and national parks has made this country the Europe’s vacation hotspot. Swimming in the romantic coves and then lying on the golden sandy beaches makes the holiday in Croatia a wonderful experience. Moreover, its cultural treasures, prehistoric architecture and gorgeous folk traditions have enhanced its popularity among tourists.

Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe - Croatia


Croatia is as diverse as its landscapes and this is a reason that it warmly welcomes visitors on all budgets. Some of the more popular Adriatic areas have higher price lists for both hotels and restaurants especially in the months of summer; however, prices are very low in continental area and tourists on low budget can get accommodation on pleasingly affordable rates.