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Things to prepare before going on cruising holidays

Before embarking on your long-awaited cruise vacation, there is still last minute planning to do in order to secure your house, belongings, and pets that you will be leaving behind. To have an exceptional holiday break away at sea, apart from ensuring that you have prepared everything by calling the free hotline 0808 252 8075 for your cruising holidays, the other important thing is making sure your house is safe when you leave for your vacation. Lock up all doors, windows, garage doors, and gates, and organise your keys in one place. If you have an alarm system installed remember to set it up. While closing the blinds and putting the house on ‘lockdown’ is a good way to secure your residence from possible break-ins, some might worry that the house’s vacated appearance may serve the opposite function of attracting burglars. To deal with that worry, you might want to hire a house sitter to take care of the place while you are gone. This will be a win-win scenario if you also need a pet sitter! When handing the house over to a house or pet sitter, remember to leave detailed instructions and label all necessary cupboards and items in the house.
Travelling is meant to relieve stress, but can lead to a lot of stressful situations if your papers are not in order. Make sure you have your passport, the appropriate identification documents, and all tickets with you when you leave for the cruise. Consider applying for travel insurance to prepare for any future troubles and to put your mind at ease.

Packing right is also key to a smooth, relaxing cruise holiday—create a comprehensive packing list so that you will not forget the small things. Remember to bring along essentials like sun block, bathing suits, sunglasses, mats or towels, a hat, and a book if you plan to spend most of your time swimming or sunbathing out on the deck. Cameras or binoculars are other necessary equipments for experiencing and recording your beautiful cruise vacation! Pack along comfy shoes or sandals for walking.

Finally, remember to save all important contacts and phone numbers from the house, your sitter, and even your insurance company in your address book. They will come in handy in case of emergencies while you are cruising miles away from land!

Five Cheap Travel Ideas

 1. Learning Little Foreign Language Saves Much

Foreigners are usually charged more than the locals. However, if you learn few foreign language words to ask the prices of accommodation and eatables, it can make a difference in the prices you are charged. I have used this tactic recently in my Bulgaria travel and got the prices reduced. The more foreign language you learn, the better negotiation power you get.

Moreover, the local newspapers often have such advertisements that offer accommodations at cheaper rates. There are few types of language software available in the market for this purpose but you can also use Google translator for this purpose.

 2. Use Home Exchange Option

Home exchange option is also available for the travellers. It is getting more popularity among tourist community nowadays. You should try this option if your tip to a destination is for a couple of weeks or more. It enables you to enjoy holidays living in someone’s home freely taking care of his home and pets.

3. Cheap Shopping Deals at Local Markets

Mini stalls are set up in local markets at weekends by local businessmen. Here you can find cheap deals for fresh fruits and vegetables. During my visit in London, I bought big bowls of fruits and vegetables from such mini stalls. I bought each bowl of fruit and vegetables for only £1 that is less than 50% of the price of main market.

4. Use Your Free Mileage Using Credit Cards

Airlines preferably accept Credit Cards as a mode of payment and cardholders, in addition, accumulate free miles. One free mile is available each dollar (or 2 dollars) spent. If you are a frequent flyer, you can enjoy at least one free flight in a couple of months.

5. Don’t Get Obsess with Things to Do/Must See

It is unnecessary to visit every site mentioned by travel guides or Travel Websites. You can get a better idea about the culture and history visiting a few places. Some historic places have free entrance and ticket is charged only for a specific portion. It is cheap and better idea to limit you to free visit area of such places.


Which Money You Should Carry For Travelling

Travel cheques are NOT a better option because banks charge higher conversion rate for travel cheques. It World travelalso becomes hectic to look for a bank while you are in a holiday mood.

However, Travel Cheques are the most secure to carry because they can be easily replaced if lost or stolen.

If you want to use Travel Cheques, then you must get them in your home currency. Otherwise you will lose your money for currency conversion at two times.

In some countries, banks charge heavily for exchange of travel cheques. You can minimise this charge by getting traveller cheques in larger denominations.

However, in comparison to Cash, the Travel Cheques get better exchange rates.

Debit Cards are also NOT a good option because banks will charge $2 to $5 as a transaction fee each time you use an ATM and then further charge 1 – 3% for currency conversion. In addition, 1% international transaction fee will be charged for Visa and Master Card. However, in Europe, many Banks do not charge such fee.

Avoid using Independent ATM machines. They always charge heavily so it is better to use only ATM at banks.

Credit Cards are the cheapest and the best option to carry as a Travel Money.  However, you must make your full repayment at the end of each month. Otherwise hefty interest rate will be charged that will make this option the most expensive.


How to Find a Cheap Air Ticket

Here are few tips that would reduce price of your air ticket by thousands of dollars.

Buying Air Ticket in Advance is a Good Strategy

Air tickets count for major portion of your travelling budget. If you manage a ticket at a cheaper price, you can save your major portion. In order to understand Cheap Travel Ideas about air tickets, you need to understand the pricing strategy of airlines. Don’t panic! I have made it easier for you to understand. Airline maximise their profit using two tactics:

  1. Filling maximum number of seats
  2. Charging as much as they can for their seats

Airlines know this fact very well that leisure travellers are much more price sensitive than the business people. Therefore airlines, in order to allure maximum leisure travellers, keep the ticket price much cheaper for the advanced bookings. However, airlines charge heavily to business people who buy tickets just at the nick of time. Therefore, always book air ticket in well advance.

Splitting Your Air Journey Would Save You Money

You can save enough of your money if you split your international journey into multiple destinations (or at least two) and buy tickets separately for each destination. The direct flight is often more expensive. For instance, if you have to travel from London to Islamabad, the best option is to divide this journey into at least two destinations. First buy a ticket from London to Istanbul, Turkey and then another ticket from Istanbul to Islamabad. This trick would not only save you money but also provide a chance to visit more destinations.

How to Reach the Best Fare Deal

While booking an air ticket it often becomes difficult to know whether you have made a best fare deal and booked a ticket at the lowest possible price.

Here is simple technique to make an educated guess. There are various websites that show the fare history for a particular itinerary. Compare the average fare with the price you are being offered today. If today’s price is higher than the average fare then it is better to wait

for the price to come down. However, if the average fare for your itinerary is much higher compared to the offered price, it is best price and you should book the ticket.

Run a Flexible-Date Search

You can save enough of enough of your money by being a bit flexible about your departure and arrival dates. While booking your air ticket, use flexible tool search rather than a fixed date for departure or arrival.

Shift Timing of Your Trip to Get a Cheaper Deal

If you want to make a trip to your favourite destination but high air fare is a hurdle in your way, think about off-season travel. Your destination must have some high season, low season and medium season. Travel cost must me cheaper at a low season when the destination is less crowded. Therefore plan for your travel accordingly.

Cheap Travel Destinations for 2013

The dust of economic crises has started settling down around the world. Not all countries are recovering with the same pace, providing a golden opportunity for travellers who intend to visit some lavish or even of-limit destinations. Thus the uneven economic recovery around the world has made some places cheap destinations to travel.

In travel industry this has ever been a superb idea: the more you know the better travel deals you grasp. Here are some top travel ideas that can enable you to enjoy your holidays at destinations that were once out of your reach.

These five affordable countries that have been selected provide the best value. So you can make them your next travel destination in 2013.


Thailand is making hard efforts to attract the same tourist flocks back that it has lost to the political unrest and flooding of 2011. Therefore, the tourist industry has reduced its rates. The falling rates of hotels- and restaurants – in Thailand have made it a cheap destination.

Thailand is renowned for its majestic temples, musky cuisine, mythical beaches and shallow seas. You can enjoy beach parties, mount the sea cliffs of Krabi, and dive with whale sharks in Ko Tao, learn to kite board in Hua Hin, convalesce at a health resort in Ko Samui. The menu is still long enough to cover in this short article.

Thailand - Cheap Destinations


The cheap rates of all such amenities fit very well into budget travel. So explore it yourself giving a visit to this cheap gateway.

Currency situations:

The exchange rate for the Thailand Baht will be around 31.00 Thailand Bahts to the USD. Bahts will remain stable in 2013.


Here you will find more than 450 beaches that interlace with the desert or with the lavish jungle. The gaffe monkeys snarling around attracts when you move through its bright green jungles.

High-energy Guadalajara nightclub gives a chance to show your potential dancing thorough the night.

Don’t heed to drug war that has been highly publicised; such bad stuff is far away from the travelling spots.

Mexico - Cheap Gateways


With all such luxuries, you will bring unforgettable memories without draining your bank accounts. Many five-star resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya have lowered their rates to allure travellers. Thus you can enjoy the same luxury as in Caribbean or Hawaii but at comparatively cheaper rates.

Currency situations:

The Mexico currency Peso has been weaker and inflation rate lower. Therefore your purchasing power would be quite higher here this destination.

Myanmar (Burma) 

A trip to Burma will take you back in old cheap times when there were no luxuries of life such as gadgets: Androids, Black Berry, IPhone, Mac Book or Seven Series. The things that you can enjoy here is a journey on horse and cart passing by the pine forests. You cannot find a zinger burger or Pizza at this destination but a bowl of mohinga noodles with the strong tea-leaf mixture. Have an experience of tea prepared with condensed milk at local teahouses and see closely the Burmese culture. Here you get a chance to strip away your business worries away because mobiles phones hardly work here. Spending few days with simple life style gives an unforgettable experience.

Burma - Destination for Cheap Travel

Currency situations:

After the currency reforms in April 2012, the rate fix at 6.4 kyat per U.S. dollar with a floating rate of over 800 kyat per U.S. dollar. This fact has made Myanmar one of cheap destinations.


The decreasing demand has brought the prices to a lower level especially for the hotels in Egypt in order to regain the tourism. The resort areas like Sharm El Sheik are pretty safe and cheap for budget travellers.

Egypt -  Affordable Destinations


Currency situation:

The Egyptian Pound is under downward pressure and will continue in the first quarter of 2013. This trend has reduced the prices sharply and made the recent timing highly favourable for visitors to travel on budget. However, this continued trend along with the hovering presidential election will increase the prices in the country in near future. So you need to travel early to this recommended destination.

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The present political turbulence and future uncertainty in Greece have reduced tourism here. Searching for sunshine, the tourists instead opted for Spain and Turkey. Consequently, the holiday prices have fallen down by 15 %. The hotels – and restaurants in Greece have removed their hefty price tags to allure the tourists.

Greece - Best Cheap Destinations


The large islands are quite safe and you can get a direct air service to such destinations. Recently there is a little price increase in direct air service to these destinations.

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Currency situations: 

Against the US dollar, the Euro has fallen at the lowest level of last 16 months this year. This fact has made it cheap and value destination for many tourists. The same trend will continue in 2013.

Travel information on Money and costs in Bulgaria

The currency in Bulgaria is the lev (plural: leva). At top hotels, organised tours, airfares and car rental prices are usually quoted in euros, however payment is possible in leva. Some budget hotels and private rooms may also quote their rates in euros however it is better to pay in leva. Normally the leva price is twice the given euro price (eg €01 = 02 lv).

Here foreigners have been charged more than the locals, since Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007. Prices have risen however travelling around the country is still very cheap in comparison with Western European countries.

Activity Cost (lv)
Camping Site 10 per person
A Budget Hotel (outside Sofia)
A Single Room 20
A Midrange Hotel
A Single Room 40
A Double Room 60
At a Cheap Café
A Simple Meal 03
A Main Course 15
Museums Free Entry
Galleries Free Entry

You can enjoy your holiday in Bulgaria in a budget of 50 lv per person per day staying at budget hotels or in private rooms, eating cheap Bulgarian food and catching public buses and 2nd-class trains. Some top-end hotels in Sofia offer discounts during August, when most tourists have gone to the coast.

Staying in midrange hotels, eating at higher-quality restaurants, travelling in 1st-class trains and buying souvenirs will cost about 80 lv per person per day.

If you want to stay in Sofia then your cost would become almost double that is 160 lv per person per day.

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

The economic downturn of last few years has reduced the purchasing power of people and therefore, cheap vacations have become priority of tourists especially for Europe trips.

After a thorough research we have short listed a few European countries as cheapest travel destinations of Europe  where holidays can be enjoyed in a low budget.


With its long sandy Black Sea Coast, that holds strips of seductive sunny beaches and striking bays, Bulgaria is a best holiday spot in a budget trip. This majestic country has a long list of attractions that have been untouched and unvisited by foreign tourists. Hiking trails and horse-riding routes along the lavish mountainous of Rila and Pirin with lovely wildlife are hard to find elsewhere in Europe.

Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe -Bulgaria

A Golf Course  in Bulgaria

Cheap but efficient public transport between cities takes you to remote counties where old traditions of Balkan culture are flourishing with a pride.

If you fancy relishing the urban life then come to cosmopolitan Sofia where gorgeous parks, lavish bars and absorbing museums will welcome you. In addition, hotels in Bulgaria are pleasingly cheap in comparison with those in Western Europe. In order to get practical travel information on money and costs in Bulgaria click here.


Have a trip to Lithuania and explore its colourful history, a country once enjoyed an empire extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Moreover, it is the first Baltic state that won its freedom from Moscow and stirred a change that ultimately collapsed the Soviet Union.

The capital Vilnius, with its mended passages and ornamental churches, is no doubt the most architecturally attractive of all the Baltic capitals. Moreover, Vilnius is little in size and it can be easily explored in a budget trip. Lithuanian women in villages with well-kept traditions offer folk dance to inspire its visitors. In addition, lower rates of hotels and restaurants in Lithuania make it one of cheap vacations sites.

Lithuania - Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe


Having its roots back in first millennium, Poland is another alluring country to travel on budget. Housing former Jewish centres such as Łódź and Lublin, it is rich in Jewish heritage.

Visit its lingering ruins and the medieval castles including fantastic red-brick fortresses of the Teutonic Knights in the north along the Vistula. In addition, the first royal capital of Kraków is a wonder of architecture with its well-kept Gothic core and layers of Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau. Further, the stylish life of Warsaw is another attraction.

Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe- Poland

Teutonic Castle in Malbork – Poland

Spending holidays in Poland would become an incredible experience if you love home cooked food since Polish restaurants especially in Krakow offer delicious food based on local ingredients such as, mushroom, cabbage, beetroot and onion. In order to travel to Poland cheap vacation packages can be easily found. However, if you want to visit on your own, hotels in Poland are comparatively cheap.


With a mixture of glamour and well-kept traditions, Croatia offers the best places to visit in Europe. It is a place where beaches and sunshine compete for attention. The gorgeous coastline along with serene mountains and national parks has made this country the Europe’s vacation hotspot. Swimming in the romantic coves and then lying on the golden sandy beaches makes the holiday in Croatia a wonderful experience. Moreover, its cultural treasures, prehistoric architecture and gorgeous folk traditions have enhanced its popularity among tourists.

Cheapest Travel Destinations of Europe - Croatia


Croatia is as diverse as its landscapes and this is a reason that it warmly welcomes visitors on all budgets. Some of the more popular Adriatic areas have higher price lists for both hotels and restaurants especially in the months of summer; however, prices are very low in continental area and tourists on low budget can get accommodation on pleasingly affordable rates.

Budget Hotels in London

London is a biggest city that has so much interesting things to visit for its travellers. A factor that makes a traveller happy after getting a cheap flight to London is awareness about Budget Hotels to stay in London. The selection of hotel would be appropriate only if has worth to the money a traveller spends on it.

However, it always becomes difficult for travellers to find budget hotels with better accommodation facilities because one can only know about the worth of a budget hotel after he spends his time there. A bad experience about accommodation can spoil the whole trip. Give a smile; we have solved this issue for you and have finalised a few Budget hotel accommodations for our readers after a thorough scrutiny.

1. Avo Hotel, Hackney

Located at the five-minute walk from the glossy Dalston Overground station, this is one of the budget hotels in London that offers a good choice with a budget of £79. It is owned by a family with Indian roots who really care for their customers. The rooms are furnished to a high standard and one feels comfortable spending night here. Though there is no restaurant available in its locality, yet many dining options are accessible.

Avo Hotel, Hackney – Budget Hotels in London

2. Jesmond Hotel

Jesmond Hotel with its traditional touch is a good choice in a cost of £80 per night. This budget hotel is basically a family owned business who converted a traditional building, built in 1700, into hotel accommodation in 1979. Not only the rooms are quite cosy but a charming English Garden is also very impressive.

Jesmond Hotel – Budget Hotels in London,

3. Shoreditch Rooms, Shoreditch House

London’s Shoreditch is another wonderful choice in London in Budget Hotels category with £85 per night because not only its rooms are comfortable but its offer of club, spa and rooftop pool is also exciting. Its king size beds, rain forest showers and paintings makes the ambience memorable. It is located at the walking distance of Liverpool Street.

Shoreditch Rooms, Shoreditch House – Budget Hotels in London

4. B & B Belgravia

This is another budget hotel preference that is perfectly located at 15 minuteswalk from Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Rooms are simply furnished with comfortable bed, a desk and chair and shower. One thing to notice that being B &B it does not offer hotel service; however, polite staff here is always willing to serve you with a smile. In nutshell, though its atmosphere is not very cosiest but its fine location and lower charges of £99 per night have made it an attractive place to stay for tourists.

B&B Belgravia – Budget Hotels in London

5. The Tune, Elephant and Castle

The Tune, Elephant and Castle is a best choice with a very reasonable charges of only £35 per night. This is basically Malaysian no-frills hotel chain and it has been very attractive among tourists since it opened in 2010. It is located opposite to Lambeth North tube thus have excellent restaurants and cafes in its vicinity. Rooms are comfortable and furnished with all basic facilities. Moreover wireless is also available but you will have to pay few quids extra for it.

The Tune – Budget Hotels in London

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How to get Cheap Flights to London

How to get cheap flights to London

London is an international city that has a lot more attractions for its visitors. However, if you succeed to get  a cheap flight to this city the momentum of recreation becomes double. This  article provides few important tips to find cheap flights to London Airports. You can easily manage your travel on a budget and enjoy London attractions if you consider these few tips seriously.

Timing of your Travel does matter
Timing of your travel matters a most to determine the price you will have to for a ticket. One thing keep in mind that ticket does not price the same around the year; January is a month during which you can secure the cheapest ticket to London. The price is reduced to almost $200 for a round trip. However, the weather is usually cold and drizzling in London during the month of January.

Booking Timing also matter
Tickets purchased at last moment are always expensive so it will benefit if you book your ticket in advance by a few months. Moreover, Tuesday and Wednesday flights are cheaper therefore prefer to travel these days.

How to compare various flights
You need to compare the flights very carefully keeping the following points in your mind. The flights from the bigger cities are always cheaper so prefer to fly from bigger cities. You should prefer to fly from New York not from Huston to save your money. Sometimes the ticket price of one flight is cheaper than the other but higher tax rate makes the deal quiet opposite. So always compare two flights including tax rates.

Cheaper No-Frill Flights
Some flights are really cheap because of there no-frill offer that makes the deal not cheaper for the passengers but also very profitable for the airlines. No-Frill Airlines cut their cost by removing various features and thus offer their service at quiet reasonable rates. Such flight are easily accessible in Europe, however American are not very fortunate in this case.

British Airways

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How to visit London with a low budget ?

London has ever been a fabulous place to visit. With whatever mind a visitor comes here, he always carries with him very charming memories. The interesting thing about London is its presentation of old and modern heritage. It is really a big city and it requires proper planning to visit around London attractions.

However the first thing is to reach London spending as little as possible. Here are few tips that would hep you grab a cheaper ticket.  How to get cheap flights to London.

After you reach London then you need proper planning to reduce your transportation cost. There are various modes of transportation with different costs available here. If a visitor does not have proper information, it becomes very hard for him to move around London with a low budget and enjoy its popular sights.

Taxi Service in London
Taxi service is very expensive here in London and therefore, it becomes difficult to use this mode of transportation with the limited budget. There are two types of Taxis, one is just like normal motor car and can be found in any colour. The other one is bigger one and usually in black colour; it is called Black Cab here.

London Famous Black Cab

It is more spacious and should be preferred if tourist carries more luggage with him. The fare for Black Cab is higher than normal taxi. The fare is charged with respect of the reading on the meter that shows the distance travelled.

Bus Service
Bus Service is cheaper but it takes too much time especially during peak hours to move from one place to another. Peak hours duration is from 7:am till 9:30pm. Oyster card can also be used for bus service.

London Bus

Moreover, if you use Oyster card for four times then the other bus travelling for whole day till mid night becomes free. However, if you do not have Oyster Card then you can take a day pass that cost almost £4.20.

Tube Service
This is an underground train service. Though it is bit expensive than bus but very fast service. I will recommend this service for visitors to London.

Tube Train, London

Moreover, it becomes very economical to use this service if visitors use Oyster Card.

Oyster Card or Travel Card London

Oyster Card that is also called by visitors as Travel Card, London, is just like rail pass that can be bought from airport as well as most local shops. In addition, it can be top up multiple times from tube stations and local shops. Don’t forget that Oyster card can be used at both tube service and bus service.

Oyster Card London

Another tip regarding the use of Oyster Card is that never forget to touch it on entrance and exit points on tube stations. If you forget to touch it at entrance point and checked by the checker in tube or station you will be fined for almost £80.

Oyster Card,

The embarrassment would be in addition. Moreover, if you forget to touch the Oyster Card at the exit point then you will lose all your money from your Oyster card. This is because you will be charged till the last destination point of your tube that you travelled on if you forget to touch at the exist point from tube station.

Always Plan your Journey

It is advisable to plan your travel daily before starting your visit to various places. You can plan your travel using the TFL Service.

London underground Transport

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