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Travel to Egypt- Home of Ancient Civilization

Egypt is a land from where the first great civilisation started emerging. Having pyramids, the minarets, mummies, hieroglyphs and the Nile, Egypt has ever been an attraction for tourists since a trend started by Ancient Greeks and Romans. Though Napoleon and the British looted the treasures of this country during the colonial times and filled their national museums, yet there is no dearth in the influx of tourists who get attracted here. Once you start exploring Egypt places then sooner you realise that it holds massive archaeological treasures and the well-known monuments such as ancient Egypt pyramids are just tips of an iceberg.You can find some cheap flights. Book before you go and enjoy the trip

Egypt tour is incomplete without visiting mosques and madrassas of Cairo that easily make you realise that it has preserved its values since the founding days of Islam. Also known as The City of a Thousand Minarets, is rich in its architectural beauty; all of its artefacts are heavily influenced by Islamic values. Having a view of all its attractions in a day makes tour exhausting so it is advisable to stay here. Once in Cairo, the choice for hotels and resorts is never-ending. Many comfortable accommodations and hotels in Cairo are accessible, starting as low as $25 – $35 and reaching up to $315-$547 per night. Most of hotels are centrally located which makes it easy to travel and explore this splendid city.

The Sphinx Ancient Egypt

Farther from Cairo toward upriver is Luxor, the site of ancient Thebes, is located with dens of lavish burial chambers and claims some of the most daunting monuments of ancient times.

Reaching south at Aswan, remarkable temples witness the power of archaic gods and almighty pharaohs. Here the exploration of monuments across the Nile on a felucca (Egyptian sailing boat) is an amazing experience.

Out West, Egypt’s deserts starts that expand substantially to the Sahara. Proudly Egypt also shares with the Libyan Desert. Apart from the Nile Valley, and handful heavens of green islands majority of its landscape is desert.

Hivelike, primitive forts are sprinkled here with sparkling springs and ghostly rocks. Moreover, reaching in the desert of Sinai a hill can be visited on interior side where God had meetings with Mosses.

Heading further on same rout are the alluring sites of Dhab that has ever been a great attraction for almost all Egypt tours because of its cheap Ocean side camping and fabulous beaches along with the lovely mountains. Having such a natural beauty, Dhab makes an ideal site for Egypt holiday.

Where is Egypt

Egypt is a transcontinental state with major part in North Africa and one portion, Sinai Peninsula, located in the Southwest Asia.