Budapest Baths and Spas – Top 5

Human, indeed, has ornamented Budapest with the splendid buildings, the top attractions, but nature has not left behind in its contribution to adorn this city and bestowed 100 thermal springs to this city to make it more charming. The thermal water from these springs has the healing quality and takes all fatigue away if one have a bath here.

Budapest city breaks are not less than Paris or Prague. Here you can make your evenings amazing and nights unforgettable participating in the bath parties that are organised at these thermal baths. Join in the midnight show called ‘Night of Baths’ and enjoy variety of Concerts, DJs, music and dance. Such programs start at 10 pm and continued until 3:00 am in the morning. Following are the top five thermal baths where you can have a wonderful experience.

1. Széchenyi Baths

One of Europe’s largest public baths, Széchenyi Baths is located in the City Park. Taking a bath here is not only an amusing experience but medicinal effects of thermal water gives a soothing effect to whole body. It has 18 pools out of which 15 are fed through thermal water from spring.

zéchenyi Baths

2. Gellért Baths

Built in Art Nouveau style, the Gellért Baths are the most elegant baths in Budapest. If you love photography then this site will provide you a wonderful opportunity to have some fantastic photographs.

Gellért Baths

3. Rudas Baths

One of the oldest thermal baths in Budapest, Rudas Baths were built in 16th century. Apart from the bathing facility its building, Turkish dome and octagonal pool, makes it a wonderful place to visit.

Rudas Baths

4. Király Baths

Built by Turkish soon after their occupation of Hungary, Király Baths is a comparatively small size bath. The traditional octagonal roof makes this bath more beautiful.

Király Baths

5. Lukács Baths
A bath that remained most popular among local peoples of Budapest since it was built in 1894 is Lukács Baths. This bath has also been additionally facilitated with a drinking cure hall and a daytime hospital.

Lukacs Baths

Admission fee:

Admission is HUF 3,490 if you are active enough to purchase in advance; however, price gets increased to HUF 3,990 if you purchase ticket on the day of the event. One time ticket allows you multi-entry privilege.

Hotels in Budapest are pleasingly affordable and therefore you must make a trip here and enjoy Budapest city breaks.

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