Best Pubs in England

1. The Prospect of Whitby, London

The Prospect of Whitby has been very popular as a former hangout spot for a princess and top list actors. Situated on the riverside, it excels in the list of top pubs in London. It was developed back in 1543. At night the view of this spot becomes more enchanting.

The Prospect of Whitby, London

The top building of Canary Wharf and the dancing waves of Thames makes the sitting in this pub more pleasant. Moreover, this spot is also attached with the memory of local Judge Jeffreys, aka the Hanging Judge.

2.The Inn at Whitewell, Lancashire

Along the River Hodder, seven miles have been dedicated to fishing. Here used to be an old deer keeper’s lodge that now has been converted to a homely northern country pub. It is surrounded by the rich green park and it offers a free view of gloomy hills from beyond. Along with an outdoor terrace and a private dining room this pub offers a beautiful place to spend time. In addition, the traditional set up of pub makes the dining here more fabulous.

The Inn At Whitewell, along river Hodder Lancashire

3. The Maltsters Arms, Devon

This pub is also situated on deep countryside on the banks of the Dart near Totnes and its dancing reflection can be seen in Bow Creek. All this looks like a beautifully coloured sailing boat tied from outside. It also has antique look inside the bar. An antique wooden bed placed here is so high that two little wooden boxes with carpeted tops have been kept to support each side and scramble them up. The wall paper is green and turquoise striped and gives an amazing look to the bar. Basically this place was once owned by Keith Floyd, a legendary, and it was considered as a heaven for sailors as well as local peoples here.

The Maltsters Arms, Devon

4. The Drunken Duck, Cumbria

Wedged between the Hawkshead, Ambleside and Old Man of Coniston, The Drunken Duck also called Double D has amazing views for all weathers. When the sun smiles down on Cumbria the Langdale Pikes can be viewed. During rain the walls of pub lined up with some sort of nostalgic art and provide a marvellous scene that becomes more fabulous in the presence of fire heating.

The Drunken Duck, Cumbria

5. The Square and Compass, Dorset

The Square and Compass, is situated to the east of Kimmeridge Bay in the Isle of Purbeck. This is also one of the fabulous pubs of England that makes an amazing spot to drink in the glory of Dorset’s Jurassic coast. The majestic views of glittering sea that peek through Puberk Hills becomes more splendid with a fresh drink. This bub has been run by a same family over a very long time. Therefore, the traditional taste of dishes that this family has preserved through struggle enhances the enjoyment of visitor. Apart from pub other amusements include onsite fossil museum and experimental live theatre performances in the evening. Moreover, in summer mini music festivals are held here that are also worth visiting.

The Square & Compass, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.

6. The White Horse, Norfolk

The White Horse Inn is magnificently situated on the marshland coastline of North Norfolk at Brancaster Staithe, a popular area of outstanding natural beauty, with its big blue smiling skies, outstanding sunsets and spacious space to breathe. The coastline is a enchanted area to explore with very romantic views across the tidal marshes and beautiful sandy beaches.
The area is ideally attractive for all sort of visitors like casual walkers, sailors, golfers, cyclists, birdwatchers and dog owners. The holidaymakers and families can enjoy fun here.

The White Horse Brancaster Staithe Norfolk

7. The Mariners Rock, Cornwall

The Mariners Rock is a very fabulous pub situated on the north bank of Camel River opposite to padstow. The most wonderful time to reach here is just before dusk when sun begins to hide itself in sky and sends night starts to appear. With a pint of Sharps Doombar this scene becomes more interesting. However, some tasty dishes of freshly caught fish are also available at the restaurant. Eating this meal looking at the dancing waves of water gives an amazing experience.

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